Rumor: Far Cry 3 in full development?

2008's release of developer/publisher Ubisoft's open world first person shooter Far Cry 2 was met with praise from critics and solid sales. Even before the game was released there was talk of making Far Cry 3. Now a new rumor from the pages of PC Gamer's latest print magazine suggests that Far Cry 3 is in full production mode.

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NAGNEWS2985d ago

i liked farCry 1 but what the devil happened with the second one, i just lost my interest for the farcry story. first jungle then afrika

Montoya2985d ago

IDKAT....The premise for Far Cry has lots of potential and Africa is a great setting that games should use more often. Those "check posts" are what wrecked FC2, IMO.

HSx92985d ago

The farcry 2 multiplayer had so much potential, I mean, you could make your own MAPS! It doesn't get greater than that.

Akagi2985d ago

What ruined it is people shooting you for no apparent reason except driving past them. Cars... offend AI in FC2?

GrilledCheeseBook2985d ago


I don't know
custom maps aren't very groundbreaking

aceofspades2985d ago

far cry instincts was good

Blacktric2985d ago

I just jizzed when I saw the title. Hopefully it's true. And hopefully it'll be less boring than Far Cry 2 in terms of additional missions and things to find.

FACTUAL evidence2985d ago

I just platinumed FC2...after the time i put in for plat theres no way i'm buying borin ass FC3.

Dark_Overlord2985d ago

the UBI servers raped me of over 500,000xp :(

The game is a broken mess

Dark_Overlord2985d ago

Crytek made the first

Ubisoft made the second

Thats what happened lol

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NYC_Gamer2985d ago

ubisoft should just hire crytek to make this game

Hellsvacancy2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

That could work

It was a chore playin Far Cry 2, it took me a LONG time 2 complete it (meanin i didnt really like the game too much)

Scotland-The-Brave2985d ago

Aww man, you didnt get your bubbles back, that sucks.
On Topic: I actually stopped playing half way through because i got bored. Hopefully Far Cry 3 holds my attention more.

VMAN_012985d ago

This game like Assassins Creed 1 had a lot lots of neat ideas and concepts but were just executed poorly so I have faith that Far Cry 3 will do an Assassins Creed 2 and rectify and build upon everything the first game was.

yamzilla2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

it is for PC, ps4 and xbox720. Let's not waste another iteration...Far Cry 1 on Pc looks better than 80% of console games.....



tasty..... also it runs at like 300 frames per second with v-sync off

jay22985d ago

Wouldn't suprise me, can't wait for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.