Gamestop Launches Downloadable Content Centers In Every Store

Gameinformer: Gamestop seems to know the frustration of buying more Microsoft points than you need in an effort to get a downloadable game, and that's one of the reasons they've launched Downloadable Content Centers in every one of their 4,400 stores. In addition to selling Xbox Live Arcade games, these centers will also sell add-on content like new maps, characters, etc.

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HelghastKid2982d ago

If they arent selling full retail games whats the point of this when I can just get these off the ps store or xbox marketplace?

aCasualGamer2982d ago

This is obviously for the younger audience who don't have creditcards...
Or perhaps the parents who don't understand the whole DLC system and how it works. So if they could get helt at the stores then that is a big plus for the DLC market.

Hope others follow gamestops footsteps. DLC market needs alot more attention, there are GREAT content in the DS(digital stores).

HSx92982d ago

I can feel activision popping a big one with their Black Ops and soon to be over priced DLC, which will probably be $20

AAACE52982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

This is for people who don't have internet connections and/or don't want to go online!

I know that's hard to believe, but there are people who don't know and don't care if these consoles can go online. All they want to do is play the games they want. Some will play those games, and then the console will sit for months before they find another game they want to play!

As a gamer, we assume people buy consoles for the same reason we do, but others have different things in mind!

chasegarcia2982d ago

for kids i guess that have money but no credit card.

Paradise Lost2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Please let this happen, i hate having to buy Points and have like 40 points left and can't buy Shit.

Or even if i want to buy a song on rb and it's like 120 points and i have 110 points.

CobraKai2982d ago

I know. I always felt that the MS points system was a scam because of the problem you mentioned. I know MS mentioned that with the points system you could get items for less, but it really does become inconvenient sometimes.

jdktech20102982d ago

This is actually the first non evil thing that they've done.

I never started buying things on the XBLA becasue I didn't wanna deal with the extra points and such...or spending 10 bucks for a 5 dollar item or whatever.

Not a bad move imo

FreddySavage2982d ago

like didn't they change it to increments of 400 when you buy them on live?

either way this is good for the folks who are unfortunate and dont have internet...God i feel naked without the internet and my cellphone

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