When games jump ship: A narrative

Should we feel betrayed as fans if our series of choice jumps ship to a console we haven't purchased? Should we feel swindled as consumers that we'll have to shell out more money to buy another console just to continue with the next game? Or should we as gamers be somehow obligated to own every system out there just to feel qualified to call ourselves real gamers?

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Cookigaki3007d ago

Cookigaki's mind is blown from thinking about this stuff, jerk.

Twizlex3007d ago

Yeah, I hadn't thought about any of this stuff until today. Now I can't stop thinking about it and feeling angry for some reason, like someone is tricking me.

GWAVE3007d ago

There's a difference between a game "jumping ship" and "never being exclusive in the first place".

Tekken, Mass Effect, Ninja Gaiden, and Devil May Cry "jumped ship". They were previously exclusive but are no longer exclusive.

Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy did not "jump ship". They were never exclusive to only one platform.

Twizlex3007d ago

I kinda agree, but none of those games really jumped ship either. They just aren't exclusive any more. A series that jumped ship is Final Fantasy when it went from Nintendo to Sony back in the day.

Cookigaki3007d ago

Do kids these days even know final fantasy used to be on nintendo?

nedensmelly3006d ago

If all men are doctors and all doctors are Nintendo fans, does that mean all men are fanboys? ;)