ElOtroLado PS Jailbreak Review

Elotrado writes: "First of all, thank ChipSpain the sample received for lending in order to make this review.

Because of work, tomorrow morning I will not be able to dedicate all the time that I would, but at least I will try to play the basics until you can complete the review.

The sample sent by the manufacturer only has a memory stick (PS Jailbreak) and a sheet with some clarifications about the product."

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Dark3603008d ago

This is not good news for sony the modchip is real and works.

BubbleSystemSuck3008d ago

what happen with PS2? Hardware sale a TON... software no...

so... maybe PS3 sold even more now

Red_Orange_Juice3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

we'll see if Sony is able to unleash the banhammer

3008d ago
BubbleSystemSuck3008d ago

i think is very Easy for Sony make some tweaks on their next Firmware to detect this Dongle.
Because is an external USB, not the internal hardware.

That and mandatory FW upgrades on newest games can prevent piracy spread

Theonik3008d ago

It will be hard to ban users using this. Seeing as it doesn't modify the console itself. One thing Sony can do is make a FW update to block the exploit but we don't know how it works so i can't tell how they would go on doing this.

-SIXAXIS-3008d ago

I can almost guarantee that Sony has some idea on how this works by now and they are making a patch for the next update. Also, Sony's servers will be checking your PS3s version when you connect to PSN, instead of the PS3 checking itself. That way, the "disable force update" feature of this stick is useless.

Arnon3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Honestly, though... how would Sony stop an external USB drive? By disabling the USB ports? I don't think so. Those are too multi-functional for Sony to simply halt. Not to mention, there's no way they're going to force you to plug your controller into another USB device simply to charge it. That's counter-intuitive.

A firmware update wouldn't be able to detect what USB device is being used on a PS3, as someone could simply unplug the ethernet cable, plug in the device, and simply plug it back in and log on. I mean, the only reason people are found on Xbox LIVE is due to the fact that they're playing games before they come out. That, or they go around telling everybody about it.

In all honesty, I cant see them doing anything about it. It's too much of an open-source device for them to actually detect, let alone try to stop. I would love if they found a way around this, but again... the USB slots are too important, an external piece of hardware can easily go undetected (as you can already plug in USB drives into the PS3), and a firmware update wouldn't be able to stop a piece of hardware such as this, and even if it did, all they would have to do is modify the already existing USB drive (hence why it's such an open-source device).

spandexxking3008d ago

Couldnt sony just implement a system like Microsoft where any USB thumbdrive has to be formatted before you can use it with the PS3?
They would also probably let you use all of the memory instead of capping it at 16GB.
Also if this is real and cant be fixed by sony theres gonna be a lot of people in places like Brasil that are just waiting for this and would probably put the Xbox in last. Imagine the faces of the Xbox fanboys who are, for some reason, rubbing this in the faces of the PS3 fanboys only to have their all time favourite "console war ammo" backfire!

phosphor1123008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

But it circumvents the copyright protection of the games, which is illegal still. Regardless, I can't imagine downloading a game like God of War 3, Killzone 2, or GT5 due to sheer size.

@ #1.1.6
You don't disable the device, you disable the code. That's harder to do of course, but not impossible. They just need to get their hands on a dongle... And I'm sure they can.

AndrewRyan3008d ago

Took long enough. This is just a reminder to everyone that anything can be hacked, ANYTHING. Don't be so egotistical next time, the reason why the hackers kept pushing PS3 jailbreak was because you idiots said "HAHA YOU CANT DO IT U SUX HAHAAHAHA!" which just gave them more of a strive to jailbreak it.

Bloodraid3008d ago

I'm not so certain the hardware sales are going to plummet like everyone is claiming.

The main reason is because PS3 games tend to have huge files that would take up huge amounts of HDD space.

I'm also pretty sure that Sony will be able to patch this exploit with a simple firmware update. I realize everyone is saying the device itself can't be detected - which may or may not be true - but Sony definitely has the ability to patch whatever the chip is using to install these games, no?

0mega43008d ago

it would have to mass produced and undetectable

as its a usb i don't see how they could not detect it

ravinash3007d ago

The USB would have software on it, and for that to do what it needs to do, it will have to interact with the OS on the PS3 to do what it does.
All they need to do is program the PS3 to look out for this code and stop it....or even disable the PS3.

Blackfrican3007d ago

they only ban once a year, and they don't ban your account. In reality most people will buy a new xbox 360 every year @ ~200$ saying that it costs about as much as 3 games per year. They flash it and it becomes a buffet of gaming.

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Catharsis3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

As much as I absolutely hate to say it, it looks real. Red Box Modds have got a unit and a video now.

Aquanox3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Console sales will boost. Software sales will inevitably plummet.

This is terrible news for Sony because they're not making much profit on hardware but software.

More proof:

This one is definitively true.

Edit: @ NitroWolf2 -

Those aren't hardcore consoles. Casual games don't tend to be hacked much whereas hardcore games do. It's all about the target market, hardcores know more about this stuff.

Nitrowolf23008d ago

Aquanox, i don't expect it to go down much, other console are hacked and software are high, DS easy hack just by an acekard, look at teh software sales, wii also easy to hack software sales extremly high, even 360 has piracy though a bit hard but there are at leats over a million modded 360 out there. this will be a bump but hwo do you know Sony won't release something to devs so new games can't be recognize by this device?

Red_Orange_Juice3008d ago

@Nitrowolf2, for sure this wont work forever, thats why they charge so much

pantatkaula3008d ago

Each of the videos never shows a capture that shows both the TV and the PS3 at the same time. According to one of the comments on one of the video, you can hear the sound of the disc going in. After careful observation, you can indeed hear the sound from the tray.

As for the video which shows the Rainbow Six games, I wonder why did he still left the disc in the PS3. Isn't it enough by showing us, that he eject the disc and show the "backup" screen to proof that the game is backed up to the machine? Instead he went and put it in the disc again inside the PS3. Why can't he run it using just the backup?


Nitrowolf23008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

@panta yeah there is a vid of the ps3 and the tv look at the post aquanox has, it shows it
also in order for this exploit to work there has to be a disc inside, but it doesn't need to be that game, he could have put lair inside and still play Rainbow six

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MicroSony4Life3008d ago

I wonder what Sony will remove from the PS3 now.

rob200903008d ago

Lol sony wouldn't remove USB support simply because of this. I'm sure it will have something to do with the debug aspect embedded in the software on retail models.

commodore643008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

It's not like they can remove USB ports via firmware upgrade like they did with Linux and Geohotz.
What's more, if they update their firmware, what's to stop users from upgrading their jailbreak usb too?

If this is true, then all the people that said the ps3 couldn't be hacked will be eating a very large humble pie.
Not good news for Sony at all.

Ironically, I PREDICTED only two days ago that more hacks were coming

Having said that, I sort of can't believe it's actually true.
It seems too frickin' easy.... just insert a usb stick and you're done?
Wow. Unbelievable.

Rhythmattic3008d ago


Please go back to the early 80's where copying games was done with a data cassette.

8thnightvolley3007d ago

ya that is what we should worry about next.. coz this time it might just cause a real uproar coz the usb port is way to important to just gut out.

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raztad3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Honestly it is kinda disgusting to see those b0ts partying for something that ultimately affects the gaming industry. Of course in their primitive fanboyist, 12-year level mentality they think Sony is gonna suffer alone because of this, and no publishers and developers as well.

What make things worse (for them) is that PS3 sales most probably will get a substantial bump due to access to pirated software, as was during the PS2 era.

branchedout3008d ago

Every gaming console to date has been hacked and pirated.

Kotick's still makin' his millions.

Nintendo's doin' it's thing.

Microsoft is still in the game.

EA still chugging.

New indie companies pop up everywhere.

Piracy is nothing more than a mosquito to the gaming industry. Annoying, but not death-inducing (bar a few cases of West Nile. But I can't think of anything else to compare piracy to. Sue me.).

MAiKU3008d ago

And there goes the gaming industry.

Oh well.

karl3008d ago

it isnt so bad.. piracy has always been around...

honestly even if the ps3 is hack.. its already a full win after all the years its been out being unhackable

its meant to happen.. but yeah. u still gotta give sony some recognition for creating such a secure system..

im really proud of being a ps3 owner..

MAiKU3008d ago

It was a good run while it lasted.

xAlmostPro3008d ago

how is this bad news for sony? dont get me wrong its not amazing BUT.. all it does is let you back up games FROM YOUR DISC to a hardrive, its perfectly legal actually.. yes theres the chance someone will take it to there friends house and copy one of his games but that doesnt create a problem any worse than game sharing..

and it has its plus sides..such as saving internal hardrive space, increasing your blu-ray lenses lifetime.. its really not as bad as people think

sdtarm3008d ago

You think ppl will only share it to friends??? This might be true but its not gonna be so mainstream its just too difficult and the 3.41 FW must stay so they practicly have to stay one step behind and that means no multiplayer cuz of compatibility probl, still how do u think this will stay just between friends?? why is it then that there r hundreds of websites uploading 360 games to the web that get thousands of thousands of downloads??? the only probl is that PS3 r huge and that will stop some from Jailbreaking it

bub163008d ago

actually it is illegal. psjailbreak's so called "Backup Manager"is a debug package including a regular fself compiled with the 1.92 sdk, The package itself is generated with Sony's official sdk tool that makes it illegal to share because I am quite sure psjailbreak staff doesn't have the appropriate license to be using the official Playstation 3 SDK and its tools and nor do you...

iPlayGamez3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

you can play online with a hacked psp its called "Custom Firmwares".
And @sdtarm why r u so angry, because you dont want your favorite multi-billion dollar company to lose some profits (yeah i know it effects the developers who make games nobody wants to buy anyway)
the people who complain about pirates r the same people who think they are so amazing for driving a Prius. Not everybody can afford a prius and not everybody can buy games, its just the way life is. maybe someone got a ps3 as a present and cant afford GOW3 because they need their money for important things.

EDIT: my wii is hacked and i still bought SMG2 with my own money although i downloaded some games on wii i would never buy, like CODWAW wii and Okami wii as i own both on different systems.
Dispite all i just said i would still love to support games like gran turismo 5 cause of the amazing amount of time and quality they put into it (i would fell bad i guess i have some soul left lol)

jeeves863008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

That's a stupid comment....

I don't want my favourite multi-billion dollar-industry to start charging more for games because of piracy concerns. I don't want them to start forcing me to buy an online key for every game I buy to combat those concerns. I don't want more and more features of my console to be turned off because of piracy concerns.

If someone has to choose between paying rent and feeding their kids this week or buying a new game for their ps3, it doesn't mean that the game should be given to them for free just because they're poor.

And btw, I don't drive a Prius--I drive a shitty Oldsmobile. Cause I buy my games.

CoxMulder3007d ago

"the people who complain about pirates r the same people who think they are so amazing for driving a Prius. Not everybody can afford a prius and not everybody can buy games, its just the way life is."

So if you can't afford a Prius, you should just steal one? That's just the way life is?

Get a job, or get an education THEN a job, and you can buy your Prius/games.

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xJxdOggyStYLe3008d ago

i dont get online with the ps3 ne way the psn is pretty much garbage....ill b jailbreakin my ps3 :) and ownin noobs on xbox live and starcraft 2 and saving money on the meh ps3 exclusive i download :)

theEx1Le3007d ago

you can't download games yet, just back them up from a disc

fatstarr3008d ago

Sony a new hack? Hmm Update to firmware 5.0 no loading from usb drives bla bla bla. I smell it coming

darkziosj3008d ago

there goes your unhackeable ps3

lazysey3008d ago


Sez 3007d ago

Honestly I think no one cares about pirating COD. If anything games like GT5,KZ3,UC3, ect. Those games pirated could really hurt Sony if they don't fix this problem quick. If anything you will hear places like gamefly will get a boost in subscriptions and rentals on ps3 games.

Lekumkee3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

We will know if this is true or not in a couple weeks, cause when all the people that order it will make an image of the usb drive and release it through torrent sites and we'll see it it's the real deal.

Unless this usb drive does something special that we don't know. More then likely it's just a simple program that we can all just DL to our thumbstick and execute program... IF IT'S TRUE.

Ultraplayerxd3007d ago

I go to school for 12 hours and when I get back this happens! What the hell went down? someone wanna get me up to speed?

gameraxis3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

isn't that the answer in itself... since usb is so wide spread and for example, your windows OS recognizes what u plug in whether it be a printer or a external drive etc... so can't sony write some code to filter out to allow the things they want the usb to be used for and the jailbreaker not being on that list... gets rejected??? i'm kinda novice on how this stuff works, but we're taking about sony here... if they can't handle it themselves, they'll pay some nerd 1000000 bucks to write a code to disable or filter and report the user. plus, 4 gb... HAHAHA this is going nowhere have fun playing pac-man for free

lh_swe3007d ago

The PS3 held of for some time but we knew this would eventially happen. Real shame though, real shame

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tatotiburon3008d ago

bubububu but the ps3 is impossible to hack lol...

and the best part is available for fat and slim versions.

so waht's next sony? remove usb feature? lol

Nitrowolf23008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

funny, everyone can say shit like your saying but lets face it PS3 was going to be hacked eventually, it has been 4 years, 360 how long before that got hacked?
Sony has had the longest defence against hacker then any console this gen, i think Sony did a good job and who knows they might just fix this before it gets out of hand

Lionhead3008d ago

Hey tato

Shame you don't have 5 bubbles like the rest of us you dirty pirate.

Go download more 360 games like you have said you do, and still think you are holy.

jerethdagryphon3008d ago

additionally the flaw is in the fact the hack makes it into a debug unit.

this isnt a flaw with the core technolagys bluray or cell there still strong, in fact if sony didnt have debug units this wouldnt happen.

this is flaw in the game development design

and one im not sure if sony can fix but i do hope thell try

nickjkl3008d ago

i wonder if sony can make it so that there can only be certain files on the stick like pictures videos music themes and games and if it notices anything else it wont work

karl3008d ago

hey... just asking,

its a bit offtopic but i dont know where else can i ask this..

whats with everyone having like 5 bubbleS?

mrcash3008d ago

yeah but it still sucks cuz they hacked it, now that its starting to really take off in sales.

karl3008d ago

actually being hack .. will improve sales for ps3 a lot!.

not software wise... but the console in third world country's where people just dont buy consoles unless they can be hacked..

dont blaim them though... i live in argentina and here u need to be in a very well economic position if u want to enjoy things like blu ray and plasma tvs or ps3s...

it will take literally months of your full salary to buy one ... thats one reason why so many people buy 360s here.. since the ps3 cant be hack and the games are like 300$

DMason3008d ago

To be honest though, this is the easiest hack Ive ever seen. The fact that all it took was a USB stick and some software really shows that sometimes the easiest way works best. I dont condone this, but wow, a softmod was the nail in the coffin. Didnt expect that.

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Baliw3008d ago

To be honest, it's not been hacked.
This is a developer thing so... still unhackeable.

Sorry tato.

silvacrest3008d ago

your comment above makes it clear as to why everyone else has 5 bubbles now and you still have 1

anyway, sony wont remove USB support, that's just stupid, I'm guessing a future firmware update and this is solved

anyone thinking about buying this probably shouldn't, its expensive and probably wont last long

spandexxking3008d ago

Holy insecurities Batman!

n4gno3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

tatodumbotroll and others blind fanboyz in 2006 :
"bububu you'll see, ps3 will be hacked in a month or two" "bluray is doomed" "sony is doomed" "sony has no games" "sony will lost exclusives" "sony don't have best graphics", "games don't sell on ps3" etc

fact 2010 : the opposite

so, shut up now, you are embarrassing yourself :)

by the way, some people are forgeting how huge was the success of the mass pirated consoles : PS1/PS2

vhero3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Hmm amazing its finally done surprised it took so long no doubt a firmware update will block the dongle though and new games will require this new firmware. See unlike the MS way its not flashing its a backup loader from USB they can block this with a simple update.. So if you fancy no future ps3 games then go for it.

PS3 Supremacy3008d ago

The 360 slim got hacked before the PS3 did.

Makidian3008d ago

The simple fact that it has taken this long to pull off says a lot. Nintendo and Microsoft should be trying to figure out a way to make their consoles harder to hack and hopefully they will. I also imagine that the Playstation 4 will be next to impossible to actually hack with the length of time it has taken to get into the PS3 and the method may not work for very long either.

People like you are a bane on the industry and any reduction in game sales for smaller developers and publishers makes the likelyhood that much greater that their next game couldn't come out because the risk of piracy is too great. Instead of trolling the PS3 being hacked you should be pissed for the implications it could have on future software sales across all consoles.

harv0523008d ago

so waht's next sony? remove usb feature? lol

Realistically, that's not even thinkable. What does the PS Move use? USB CAMERA!!

extermin8or3007d ago

actually as the hack is 100% software they can just release a patch for the ps3 blocking the usb's software, anyone who doesn't update can't use the online lol

khushand3007d ago

I doubt they would do that you douchbag