9 new bulletstorm screeshots show why it’s “epic”

Gamersmint : Epic Games unvielied some new footage at Gamescom for Bulletstorm and it blew our minds. We have 9 new never before seen screenshots of the game which shows lots of…bullets and some rather mean looking bad guys. The visuals seems to have ungerdone a major overhaul since the game was first announced and as every day passes by, the game is becoming more and more impressive.

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Fred-G-Sanford3007d ago

I will probably cry tears of joy when I see this running maxed out on my PC.

theonlylolking3007d ago

Graphics look like gears 2 and 3.

cyborg3007d ago

some of these screens also seem to have the same color themes as gears 3 ( too much brown in them). Although, they look pretty good nonetheless

SOAD3007d ago

Gears 3 has a lot of color now.

Duke Spookem3007d ago

Bulletstorm seems like a good game to fill the Duke Nukem void.

Mista T3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I agree, I love me some sci-fi fps. I don't like military shooters anymore, and a good sci fi world with great run and gun shooting is much better :)

at 0:25 in the vid Cliffy B talks about it and I don't think he likes military shooters either :)

Sirhc923007d ago

dude, the Bulletstorm game looks PHENOMENAL!!! Ya just GOTTA find a better word than EPIC!!! It's amazing. I just finished checking out the YouTube demo presentations and I was like, "Man. I'm looking at the NEXT GENERATION of F.P.S.'s dude!" Seriously, I mean that was just a DEMO and it already looks like it could be like Duke Nukem on steroids or a souped up adrenaline packed remix of Killzone 3!!! Whatever or whoever inspired this game to be what it was; inspired this game to be flat out GROUNDBREAKING!!! Don't you guys agree?

Darkfiber3007d ago

I haven't been this excited for a shooter for a long time.

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