TLR: Summer Of Arcade Review

KJ of TLR Writes "From the originality and humor of Splosion Man, to the outstanding graphics of Shadow Complex, value was easy to find. I’m not sure if the same thing can be said about this years line up."

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Yi-Long3034d ago

... this summer, there are a couple of interesting titles, but none of them are MUST-HAVES for me, for different reasons.

Clearly, Limbo and Lara Croft are probably the best picks this summer.
The other seem OK.

However, Limbo (although seemingly brilliant and gorgeous) seems too expensive for me at 1200 points, as it's only a 4-5 hour game, and doesn't seem to have much replay-value.

Lara Croft would have been a must-buy, considering the very positive reviews it's getting.... but they announced they'll be DLC-milking it, and I'm really not interested in that. So I skip it. Might one day pick it up when it's a deal-of-the-week or whatever.

Limbo I will DEFINITELY pick up when it drops to 800 pts or below.

Last year's SoA was just a LOT better, and also offered a whole lot more bang for your buck. The only title I didn't buy from those is the mediocre Turtles remake.

bacrec13034d ago

I agree with everything you said.