ARS: A blood-soaked cartoon: hands-on with XBLA, PSN Shank

ARS: Shank is as violent as they come, filled with buzzing chainsaws, flying bullets, and buckets of blood. It's also a lot of fun. Ars recently had the opportunity to go hands-on with the upcoming downloadable title and came away both impressed and disturbed at just how enjoyable cartoon-style carnage can be.

Shank looks like it could be a new show on Adult Swim. From the art style and the smooth animation to the violent but not-too-serious tone, it looks like a cartoon. It is a game with an incredible sense of style. The characters are heavily stylized, with exaggerated proportions and thick, dark outlines. Comic book panels will pop up during the action to relay bits of story. At one point, the sun was setting and all I could see were the black silhouettes of my character and his many foes, which were occasionally lit up by gunfire.

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