Bungie: "We're poised now to do better things than we ever have done"

Bungie's Brian Jarrard has told GamerZines in an exclusive interview that the studio is "poised now to do better things than we ever have done."

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BeaArthur2980d ago

I am interested to see what they do next. Looks like Reach will have enough content to last for a very long time though.

Unicron2980d ago

Yeah, definitely. I'm anxious to see what some of the talented teams out there today can do when not stuck working on the same franchises (Bungie with Halo, Kojima with MGS, Insom with Resistance, etc). I love it when a talented dev tries something new!

theIMP2980d ago

That is very true.I can't wait to see what they all come up with either.

kaos_fish II2980d ago

Talk is cheap Bungie.. and that goes for any developer as well.

I'll believe it when I see it.

morventhus2980d ago

i completely agree...we have seen that talk is cheep many times before... take Molyenix (cant spell his name) for example!

SOAD2980d ago

Bungie backs their talk.

If Naughty Dog made a similar claim, would you respond with "talk is cheap" or "OMGZ guyz, best game ever only on PS3!"?

Unicron2980d ago

I respect Bungie a ton, they'll back it up. So will ND. ;-)

Philaroni2980d ago

They all do a good job of backing stuff up. Halo to me is the best online game there is any they always have an innovated multi player and always have the most new and best features. To date not one game can live up to Halo 3 in the feature and overall online design. They are the people to beat still just like ND are the people to beat in there own respective category. I don't understand why so many hate on Halo. I think its kind of like the superbowl, every one wants to see the willing team lose next season, or, at least always has there eye on them.

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The story is too old to be commented.