2nd Video: PlayStation 3 Modchip Is 'Not A Hoax'

From Kotaku:

An Australian seller of Wii, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 modchips has posted video showing the famously impregnable PlayStation 3 running "back-up" copies of disc games saved in the hacked console. It's the real deal, they tell Kotaku.

Here is the 2nd proof video.

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Motorola2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I have a feeling this will end badly.
Edit: Didnt see that it was just got worse

NYC_Gamer2986d ago

we all knew that kotaku would promote this crap

RageAgainstTheMShine2985d ago

Kotaku? who approved this crap?

Sony3602985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

When they showed the 360 slim "hack" you all accepted it as bullet-proof evidence regardless of the source. Don't you even try and start saying "who approved this crap" when it's from a reliable one, you damn hypocrites.

PopEmUp2985d ago

This is news and it's real why not approve it oh wait you fanboy can't accept it hacked? I always Supported Sony and don't like it been hacked but this is real and accept the truth

zeeshan2985d ago

I guess the only way to stop crap from spreading around the world (I mean the USB device and not the news) is Sony should fight it in the courts. But it seems to be me that PS3 has been finally hacked and I just hope Sony won't take away any other functionalities from us!

evrfighter2985d ago

ps3 has been jailbroken. YOU ARE FINALLY FREE PS3. It's sure gonna be nice on my wallet. But wait "U gonna get bant from psn"

well if psn was worth caring about I might think twice. PC gaming for all my online needs. Modchip for everything else :)

jebabcock2985d ago

if you own the console, you can do whatever you want with it... paint little pink fairies on it or rip it apart and modify it however the heck you want... there is no crime in this...

Hacking a console is not directly tied to pirating games... i hacked my wii just because i wanted to test out alot of the nifty apps and features produced by the homebrew community.. I still bought all my games.. There is a respectable community of people who simply want a really cool set of hardware features to play with... the ps3 among other electronic devices presents that definitely..

personally i don't think i would ever hack my ps3, simply because sony has never given me a reason to.. there really aren't any cool apps out there to justify it.. My only real gripe is the loss of linux.. although i never got around to using it enough to justify much of a complaint.

in the wii homebrew community, there were tons of features that were added like allowing you to create your own channels to feature customized items... skins for you wii, a plethora of apps and mini games that were CREATED not pirated, playing DVDs on your wii, (which Nintendo simply said was not possible due to hardware, but turned out to be done fairly easily). To some degree a thriving homebrew community provides creative force for the community and holds console manufacturers to a level of responsibility they haven't had to maintain before.. If they say it can't be done, they better not be lying or they will just make a fool of themselves...

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Yi-Long2985d ago

... hopefully now we will soon have a region-free BluRay player.

Personally don't care too much about the games. I know I won't be downloading such huge files, and I'll continue to buy my games for the home-consoles legally (handhelds is a different matter...), but I do really want that BR-drove to be region-free, so I can import BR's from other parts of the world.

I feel Sony themselves should offer a 'key' to unlock region-free playback. I wouldn't even mind paying for it.

zootang2985d ago

A lot of Blu Rays themselves are region free, you just have to look. Special editions tend to be region free (pricey though)

Yi-Long2985d ago

... I'm in Europe, and I enjoy asian movies. Many of the HK or Korean BR's seem to be region-protected, yet might be the only uncut and proper version available... so that means I can't watch them on my european PS3.

Such a shame that region-protection still exists. I can understand it on some level, but I feel you should be able to at least 'buy' a key to unlock your player, and maybe the movie-companies could get a percentage of that money...!?

squallheart2985d ago

Actually a lot of asian blu rays are region free i should know i collect them. I have a huge collection and websites where i get good deals from. If you want i could give u the links just pm me. im more than happy to help a collector. Note the only region where most of the time they are protected is korea.

sikbeta2985d ago

Good news? yeah, riiight, prepare yourselves for Massive ban-waves and a $50 On-line Fee for ALL the PS3 owners...

Yi-Long2985d ago

... well, for instance Days of Being Wild HK BR is supposedly the best version out right now. It's my absolute favourite movie in the world, yet no way to watch it unless I have a region-free player.

I know the websites, but a bunch of the movies I'm interested in are region-protected (sadly)

Rhythmattic2985d ago

A indispensable site for Bluray Region info.

This site has never let me down.

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Motorola2985d ago

Wait after reading some of the comments on youtube, is that a test ps3?

Chuk_Chuk2985d ago

PS3 test units have "test" written on them

Motorola2985d ago

Thats a sticker though, you could take them off but I doubt this guy did

sikbeta2985d ago

Hmmm... the "tester" units are not the same as the one everybody owns as far as I can understand, for example I remember that IGN showed some pics of a MotorStorm Back-up running on the PS3"test"-er

So yeah, the game was a back-up of an original game running on a "tester" PS3 but done by Sony If I remember correctly, so what's the point of this If it's only works with the "test" units which are few and not accessible to the Average Joes...

pantatkaula2985d ago

You can change the cover on the PS3 right? How would we know that he did not switch the front cover with a normal PS3 cover? If it works with the slim, why didn't any of the crack videos shows its playing on the slim version?


Soldierone2984d ago

indeed. We have one at the college for when we make games. Runs exactly like this, you throw in the thumb drive and load up the game etc... Am I saying this is a tester PS3? No, but it can easily be one as its not as hard to get your hands on one as everyone thinks.

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Blaze9292985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Still unsure about this. I mean it looks legit, and I mean really legit. But with all the hack stories for PS3 since launch, it's hard to believe anything anymore concerning that subject.

But if it is real then f'ing awesome. I'd love to rip all my PS2 games to my HDD.

Inb4 Sony removes USB Support?

Immortal Kaim2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

To all the people still claiming this is false, I'm sorry to say you're wrong. This ozmodchips is apparently a legit site (don't know how legit a mod shop can be lol) and actually have stores here in Australia, they wouldn't risk their whole business on promoting a fake.

Considering how easy this looks, it isn't good news...

EDIT: They couldn't possibly remove usb support could they? The backlash would ruin them.

Edit x2: How about loading from USB? That could remove support for hooking up digital cameras and external HDD's but those aren't essential to the system? Don't know how else they could stop it? This is going to become an arms race between Sony and the hackers, just like the PSP.

raztad2985d ago

PS2 games? In the original article was mentioned there is not support for non PS3 games.

This definitely looks legit. It actually requires a modchip + usb to load some stuff. Lets see if Sony can fix this, or if it takes off. In the first case Sony will continue getting amazing software sales, in the second software sales fall but hardware increases substantially.

Otheros002985d ago

Unfortunately for you it doesn't work on psone and ps2 games.

Megaton2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Heh, yeah, USB poses a clear threat to the PlayStation 3. Emergency firmware to remove support incoming.

Edit @ Immortal Kaim - Nah, they couldn't realistically do it. You charge your controllers through USB. It would make the console unusable, more or less.

darkdoom30002985d ago

No, all they would need to do is update the firmware to check for the program on ur HDD and disable it.

spandexxking2985d ago

i know details are pretty slim on this but does anyone know if the backups could be played region free? ive got a japanese PS3 and i can only play japanese PS2 games and id love it. id imagine sony would probably crack down on this with bans and whatnot for multiplayer titles but id love it if i could play some old SP PS2 titles

The Lazy One2985d ago

@"No, all they would need to do is update the firmware to check for the program on ur HDD and disable it."

Well the problem then is all the modchip people would have to do is make their modchip updateable so you just plop it into ur computer and download an update that changes the system name of the program being run to something random.

There's a bunch of things that sony can do to fix it, but now that they have a program that can do it, all they have to do is backwards engineer the fixes. For any fix sony put out they could just work around it within a week or two. Since PS online memberships are free, banning someone for modding isn't a huge threat either.

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BannedForNineYears2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Real or not, this is bad news.

One thing, when he was navigating the XMB with the analog stick, there was noticeable lag between the noise and action on screen.
>_> Kinda strange considering it's usually instantaneous.

D0UbleF_2985d ago

No believe me it's just a cheap HD camera.
Pocket HD camera's have this lag a lot with the synchronisation between sound and video.
I think that's the problem.

Thrillhouse2985d ago

Another video of it in action:

This probably sounds like a load of shit, but I knew the maker of this video. He runs modchip store about 30 minutes away from me (he repaired my original xbox, too).

I'm pretty sure that this whole thing is legit.

LethalChickens2985d ago

Why is it that, when he goes into the backup manager, the lights turn on, and when he goes back, they turn off?

iamtehpwn2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Does anyone actually have a bluray burner right now?

Mmmkay2985d ago

you can get one for a little less than what a ps3 costs according my internet...

Keyop2985d ago

It shows them xmb on screen, then he switches on the PS3, fishy much?

Noble Spartan2985d ago

Oh yes! The PS3 dark side potentila is unleashed!

I can't wait to run

psx games
ps3 games

and more! going to be awesome. When the dongle going to be available? I am very interested in PS3 now.

sgw_dec0y2985d ago

I hope that XBMC comes to the PS3 that would make it the ultimate HTPC!

frostypants2985d ago

It's software, and it will be squashed like a bug by Sony within a week or 2. These guys are spreading the word far and wide as fast as possible in the hope of making a few bucks from stupid people before their tool gets broken.

Christopher2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Not that this doesn't mean the dongle doesn't work, but they could have showed a game that isn't available for digital distribution...

@below: I know of the other videos. Doesn't change that they chose the wrong game to show in the video above.

UnwanteDreamz2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Untill it is proven that this isn't a debug unit, I will continue to call BS. It amazes me how quickly you guys jump on a bandwagon.

If vids are proof then I can show you other vids claiming the same thing and the are all ripoffs.

Thrillhouse2985d ago

The USB makes any ps3 a debug unit.

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R2D22986d ago Show
klashawnd2986d ago

Yeah their track record recently when it comes to Sony is spotty at best.

Silly gameAr2985d ago

This won't end well, for PS3 owners anyway. Somethings gotta go.

pork_chop_express2985d ago

all ps3 games going dual layer BD50 with 25gb security (ala MS filler)

= piracy never even starts 50gb downloads not even jack sparrow is that dedicated lol

klashawnd2985d ago

You would be surprised the lengths to which people will go in order to get something for free.

pork_chop_express2985d ago

No i wouldn't I download stuff thats 10gb there is no way in hell i would download something that is 50gb and have no way to burn it.

Common sense, makes this hack worthless.

klashawnd2985d ago

Oh I agree that it's utterly pointless to do. But that won't stop some people from doing it.

Spydiggity2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

you guys do realize that with a modded system (at least the way it worked last gen) you could put the disk in the drive and just rip it to the hdd, right?

you could rent the games, rip em straight to the system, and wouldn't have to worry about d/l or burning.

buy a 500 gig hdd or terabyte, and you could store plenty of games...especially since 50 gig is the max and most games don't come close to that.

not that i think it's honest, or anyone should do it. just that ppl's perspectives on the topic are pretty limited.

pork_chop_express2985d ago

compression doesn't work like that the data stored as security filler is already compressed.

catguykyou2985d ago

No need to download, just borrow or rent a copy of the game you want. Still worth it in the eyes of people hat will pirate anyways.

7$ rental < 60$ purchase.