Sorcery Hands-On Preview: Good Work… In Progress [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn's Jonathan Lester lands some hands-on time with the tech demo for Sorcery... and finds his motion control cynicism magicked away.

Lester writes: "Sorcery was one my unexpected highlights of Sony’s E3 demonstration. As a full game that’s purpose-built for the peripheral, I was impressed by the intuitive hand movements required to cast spells and interact with the environment (or more precisely, burn things to cinders). Luckily, Sony was kind enough to grant me some face time with the E3 tech demo as well as one of the project leads."

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Baltis2981d ago

I have, rather the kid in me, has high hopes for this one.

darkcharizard2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

They pointed out the various glitches in the game, and that the finished product will last only 8 -10 hours.. i hope this is good despite all this!

I have high hopes for it too! :))

RyuStrife2980d ago

Considering psmove games are $40 instead of the $60 price tag, 8-10 hours is nice. Well considering if this game falls in that line of course.

Tony-A2980d ago

I'm hearing good things about it. It's not even coming this year :(

ForzaGT2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

much better than the new potter game

Cerberus21252980d ago

The bad thing about this game is that they are aiming at a young 12-16 years old gamers,but by what I saw of this game,I can tell that if it turns out as good as the E3 demo looks it will provide enjoyment to Gamers of any age.