Valve Giving Away Half-Life 2 For Free At Gamescom 2010

G4tv writes... "Amidst the chaos of running around Gamescom, I actually had a few seconds to sit down this morning, and what did I do with my time? Well, I stopped by the Portal 2 booth yesterday, and was handed a Steam promotional card that said “Two Free Games” (pictured above) and included a download voucher on the back. I had wanted to find out what the code was for yesterday, but didn’t have time. Back to the whole “had a few seconds this morning” thing."

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chak_2979d ago

valve's cool, period :D

Xristo2979d ago

Think about it....what is required to play HL2? Steam. Though I'm sure that 99% of the ppl at Gamescom 2010 have heard of Steam, not everybody uses it....yet. It's a good way to get ppl into Steam. Once they install HL2 tonight, they will see sells like the STALKER bundle immediately available for $9.99....hook, line, and sinker.

Xristo2979d ago

I typed my first reply without reading the article. haha....promotional Steam cards were given out with HL2 for free. Way to state the obvious, me!