Dawn of War 3 is Coming, Potentially Free-to-Play

Yes, there’s more Dawn of War news today. THQ’s core games Vice President Danny Bilson has said in an interview that Dawn of War 3 will be coming “between 18 months and two years” after the expansion for Dawn of War 2 comes out, and it could be free-to-play.

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CrzyFooL2984d ago

F2P!? Now we're talking!!

yog-sothot2984d ago

Indeed, but it often comes with his naughty little brother "microtransactions", and this little bastard can sometimes screw your gameplay balance...

Anyway, I'll stay optmistic as the game is developed by the talented people of Relic Studios

jaredhart2984d ago

Free-to-play is A-O.K.!

Raf1k12984d ago

Am I missing something? Aren't the other DoW games F2P anyway?

greeneggsnsam2984d ago

Free to play as in 'you buy it then don't pay any more', but I think he means 'no payment at all to play it, but with other ways for us to make money (microtransactions etc)'.

SupaGamer2984d ago

That's what I'm talking about.

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