Gamescom 2010: THQ, 'No Sympathy For Used Game Buyers'

NowGamer speaks to THQ about its new WWE game, and the DLC code system it will use at launch. Anyone buying the game used will miss out on a lot of free DLC. THQ explains why it simply doesn't care.

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cliffbo2980d ago

hope no one buys it then.

itani2980d ago

I was going to buy this game brand new, I buy Smackdown each year new but since THQ have done this, I ain't buying it. I will buy it used and THQ can shove its free content up its ass.

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Montrealien2980d ago

I think their current approach to the used game market is fair, they figured out a way to make money from the used game sales, it is win win.

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OSU_Gamer2980d ago

And we have no sympathy for developers who make games that are not worth buying at full price.

Make a game worth $60 and we will pay $60.

Not sure if I speak for everyone else, but I ahve no problem buying a $60 game if it is good.

NYC_Gamer2980d ago

i agree with you 100%...and its ashame that people support this game every yr

theonlylolking2980d ago

Any sport game you shouldnt buy every year since they dont change.

fastrez2980d ago

Well said mate, agreed!

Montrealien2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I hate to be devils advocate here, but you are not speaking for everyone, and many people enjoy this game and think it is worth 60$, even though some, like you and the dozen or so who will agree with you here on N4G, don't.

oh and yay! seems we start at 5 bubbles again, thanks mods!

OSU_Gamer2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I agree.

I'm not speaking directly about the WWE games that THQ makes because I have never played them. In general though, a game worth $60 to someone will be bought at full price, but a game not worth it to them may be bought used at a lower price.

They are complaining about used games sales for a reason, and it seems to stem from lower sales due to used game sales. You don't see games like KZ, UC, Halo, Gears having this problem. To me, that explains a lot.

UnwanteDreamz2980d ago

You 2 get agrees and bubs for bringing up good points.

ChozenWoan2980d ago

where do used games come from?

We are not talking about bootlegged games, or pirated games, we are talking about used games. Games that at one time was new, legit copies sold to a gamer.

Obviously, at some point in time that gamer decided that the game no longer held any value for them. Thus they traded it in (usually at a loss) placing the game back on the market.

This is something that has been happening since the beginning of the gaming industry, so why is it that this gen it is suddenly an epidemic.

Could it be the fact that the last 2 gens we had a 3 tiered system that resulted in games being priced very close to their true market value. Gamers where happy and developers & publishers where happy as well.

Yet, at the beginning of this gen we saw that change to a 1 tier program with an increase in price to top it all off. Suddenly games are not flying off the shelves, and the industry as well as gamers are not happy. Coincidence?

When games are priced Day1 appropriately, they will sale closer to the expectations and hopes of the entire gaming community. Until then, blaming Game Stop and punishing gamers will only result in a decrease in game sales of non top tier AAA games.

I'm a gamer, and I approved this message.

dizzleK2980d ago


Awesome post. I vividly remember a multi-tiered pricing structure up until this gen. Budget games were actually budget priced and more publishers actually charged prices relative to the games "worth". These days it's pretty much $60 across the board, granted there are a few $40,$50 games but that's pretty rare. You're paying the same $60 for 4 hour long games as you are for stuff like Fallout 3.

Last gen I used to buy a ton of $20 & $30 games. Lately I've been buying a new release maybe once every other month. The stuff they're pushing just isn't worth $60.

unknownhero11232980d ago

there are some diehard wrestling fans that will enjoy this and I know that I will buy it since I didn't buy the previous one.

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OSU_Gamer2980d ago

Not to mention the fact that this will probabaly make less people buy there game.


Thanks for the bubbles.

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Double Toasted2980d ago

If I buy a game once, new, I'll buy it over a million times used...if I want.

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