Gran Turismo 5: Media Explosion!

Are you ready for 40+ new screens and videos from Polyphony Digital's racing game? Gameplaybook has a ton for you!

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Alcohog3009d ago

Great Knights of Colombus!

Chuk_Chuk3009d ago

The interface looks beautiful and don't even get me started on the cars. This year has just been one great game after the other.

State of Matter3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

This is unbelievable.
Hey anyone know if you can change your car colors in GT5?

What about rims can we put after market rims on the cars?

edit: anyone?

number473009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

As far as past GT's -- No, you have to buy different color cars.
Or, you do a full racing conversion -- in past titles -- that put a racing livery on the vehicle. Dont think that will make it to GT5.

There are custom rims, exhaust, intake, driveshafts, turbos, superchargers, brake kits, weight reduction, engine tuning, suspension tuning, spoiler adjustments, and I think GT5 will offer body kits.

State of Matter3009d ago

this is excellent eexxxxcelent indeed!

fafoon3009d ago

After seeing all this GT5 footage over the past few days
I've just had another Jizz Explosion

3009d ago
Philaroni3009d ago

Ya it is going to be epic. I like the B-Spec stuff a lot and all the new stuff they added like the karts. It is almost a sin to be getting this game for $60, it is worth way more for what the PD guys have accomplished with GT5.

hennessey863009d ago

forza 3 has really put it into perspective fo me i have bought all 6 dlc packs and it still doesnt have the content gt5 has. Polyphony have outdone them selves with this game if it gets anything less than 10 out of 10 it will be a travisty

Philaroni3009d ago

Well the guy that runs PD must have some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder where everything needs to be perfect. Not sure if I got that right but you know what I mean. GT5 is going to last for 3+ years with ease just on the game alone. Hell they have yet to talk about DLC which we know will come....

And yes it will be hard to review this game if you compare it to other races and even VS other PS3 games. It supports more features then any other PS3 game and arguably has more content. I like Froza quite a bit to be honest, that and GT are the only racers I buy. Or have got. Just by simple compare and contrast GT5 tosses off the grading curve for reviews.

yewles13009d ago

And they said Halo Reach didn't have competition... XD

hennessey863009d ago

2010 has seen some great releases ie heavy rain, mass effect 2, to name but a few ha ha that ryhmes. I dont think goty is as straight forward as most fanboys think

Philaroni3009d ago

Well GOTY I think should go to that game that made the most impact on the industry of that given year. Best Xbox, PS3 and 3rd Party games should have there own slot. GOTY I think should go to Heavy Rain hands down because it was such a new idea for a game and also showed it can sell. I'm not saying HR is better then Mass Effect or anything like that I am just saying it had the most industry impact. Now later in the year another game could but I don't see that happening.

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The story is too old to be commented.