Sony PSP 2 Demonstrated to Select Publishers, Touch Controls Present, says Report

To the disenchantment of many, Sony did not unveil the oft talked about PSP 2 at Gamescom this week. Though the general public was not privy to a new handheld from the manufacturer, it would seem as though several unnamed publishers were afforded the opportunity to check the new system.

Reports indicate that three separate publishers were given access to the yet unfinished handheld. These publishers all say that it is very similar to the standard PSP model,

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Cloudberry2983d ago

So it's coming after all???

Roll on TGS 2010.

Mainman2983d ago

Touch screen is cool and all, but a second analog stick is make or break imho.

Firebird3602983d ago

I agree, second analog stick or I'm not buying it! It's what everyone wants!

Hideo_Kojima2982d ago

wouldn't the best button lay out have buttons at the back because that is where all your fingers are when your holding the psp and if you have 2 analogue sticks you will need them even more to be at the back as your only useful fingers (thumbs) will be on the analogues.

WhittO2983d ago

doubt it will be at TGS if it's not out until atleast end of next year.

Plus, they will want 3rd Party Devs to actually start making games for it before launching it lol.

donniebaseball2983d ago

Sony needs to do something to counter the 3DS. I hope this isn't a failure like PSPgo was.

Stealth20k2983d ago

Its been confirmed to have a physical game format so it wont

Close_Second2983d ago

...only failed because of price. It was also not meant to counter the 3DS.

Yue92983d ago

and nothing is going to counter the 3DS because its going to sell better and have more pre-orders

Close_Second2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

PSP Go is for a modern audience. An audience that does not want to lug discs around with them everywhere.

I get sick of the UMD discussion. Physical, over the counter, media will become a thing of the past. You don't see anyone who owns an IPhone or IPod touch bitching about it.

If the Go had been 2/3 the price it would have sold. Simple as that.

Anime-Vixen2983d ago

♥ I don't want a touch screen in the back. I want it in the front ♥

gamingisnotacrime2983d ago

that will be either revolutionary, ot just plain stupid

SIX2982d ago

I can see the touch screen in the back being the second analog actually.

tdogg060519912982d ago

Ugh with a pointer finger controlling a analog stick

BornToKill2983d ago

i wonder how the graphics will look.

Yue92983d ago

then the 3DS if there is a new psp.

blusoops2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

barely on par with current psp. LOL
Even other websites have said this. As it stands, the psp blows the DS out of the water. The 3DS shortens the gap.

edit: oh and also... "then" should be "than"

Yue92983d ago

you really think i care if you disagree with me?nope nintendo will prove to you they will have the best handheld on the market next year its only a matter time anyway i don't have time to listen to stupid crap have other things to do then listen to fools who knows nothing about the 3DS..

StankyChicken2981d ago

Come on now... No need to be a total fanboy in here. If it's any indication to what we have seen in the past, then the PSP 2 should have better graphics than the 3ds. Now don't get me wrong, the DS is a great system, but the PSP will most likely beat it. I mean we haven't even seen the graphics from the PSP2 yet so we can't even judge. And please, no need to act like a total douche in here. Don't get mad at someones opinion. You're opinion isn't the only one that matters.

Tony-A2983d ago

I would shriek like a little girl if they actually announce it this year.

longcat2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

that would be music to my ears......

just kidding - no need to get all riled up
looking forward to this as well

i hope they give it a sim slot for constant online as well

ThanatosDMC2983d ago


Bubbles up.

I was hoping it'd look more like the Go that the 3000 since it wont fit in my pocket comfortably unlike my Go.

Tony-A2983d ago

lol, of course it would be, Mr. Pedo.

But yeah, I need a PSN friends list, trophies, background downloading, a second analog stick, a touch screen and a gyroscope. The touch screen and gyroscope are only for iPhone and DS competition.

They have a shot to make an amazing piece of portable hardware. All they need to do is make sure they give us a lot of built-in storage like the Go, an easy way for people to make small games or apps and a good price point!

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