Kinect Preview Event - "I Actually Liked it"

Last week, I got the chance to have around 40 minutes of game-time with Microsoft’s upcoming 3D motion camera Kinect. Here are my thoughts. I’ll spoil it here a little. I actually LIKED it.

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pat_11_53034d ago

I'll be honest I'm surprised you actually liked it. You made it sound like fun to. After Microsoft's showing at this years E3 I'd all but given up on Kinect as something I might purchase.

T9X693034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Honestly its one of those things you have to try for yourself. I tried it out, and it was pretty fun. It wasn't 100% accurate but I was able to play the games they demoed without having lag issues. The only thing is, none of the games appeal to me. Even though it was kinda fun when I played it, its nothing that makes me want to spend $150, that is until they get some core games coming along, and the one fighting game they just announced doesn't cut it.

EDIT: @OSU_Gamer - Well it wasn't the type of enjoyment like I get from playing normal games with a controller, but it was kinda fun and judging by the other people I watched play it, it seems to be a hit with the casuals. On the other hand, if MS wants to give me some free stuff I'm down lol.

OSU_Gamer3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

According to aceitman (post below me), you either got a free Kinect from MS, a free 360, or you are a liar and didn't enjoy it at all.

Glad you enjoyed it. I'm not interested at this point, but god forbid someone else did.

rroded3034d ago

"The tracking seemed to work well, picking up my sister as the main player and my Mum and one of the Kinect demo staff"

thought it was limited ta 2...

still glad u had fun n thx for preview

Dacapn3034d ago

I saw it demoed at MOA yesterday and basically came away with two things:

1. The tech is impressive. It's tracking is pretty spot-on from what I saw with that rafting game. The avatars moved pretty much 1 to 1.

2. The games are freaking retarded. None of them looked remotely fun to play, and it is true. You look like a complete idiot playing them.

Greycat_James3034d ago

I hate to say it but most people don't look much less like an idiot when playing with a normal controller. Especially a Wii controller.

The games really aren't aimed at the hardcore audience as I'm sure has been established by now. They are still fun to play with family or friends, but I wouldn't see myself playing Kinect Adventures without anyone else. That'd just be sad. Joyride could be a good solo or online play game however. I'm also a huge Sonic fan, despite the recent failures, and really enjoyed the past two Sonic Riders games so I'm looking forward to Free Riders and seeing how that handles. From what I've seen this works very well too but Sega haven't handed this game out to Microsoft for preview events yet.

Also @ rroded, I was curious about this. It must not have been tracking a skeletal rig for anyone but the person it designated as Player 1. While playing with more than 1 player, a flat Infra-red image appears in the top right of the screen showing all of the people playing it so rather than matching a skeleton to a template, it matches flat images to a template. It only tracks player 1's score however. Any other players are just joining in for the fun of it or the workout.

Just another reason I should've given Dance Central a go myself. Could've tried to work this out.

aceitman3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

but not about the kinect being a ultra clone of the eyetoy bias fukk.
You need to use much more energy to play Kinect than you do to play a Wii or I assume a PlayStation Move game, considering that it’s a camera based ultra accurate clone of the Wii. and hes say everything is so perfect. what they give u one for free, or a new 360. videos dont lie and every vid is not perfect in fact a lot are really embarrassing to look at. can it improve maybe but we all know microsoft, hurry it out try to fix later .

OSU_Gamer3034d ago

I'm not saying that Kinect is good because all I have seen are videos that make it look less than enjoyable to me as a hardcore gamer, but who are you to tell him that he can't enjoy it?

Should we block all articles that come out saying that the author enjoyed Kinect, because you are basically saying that it is impossible for anyone to get get any type of enjoyment out of it.

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Redempteur3034d ago

i have to tell that if that was an objective report, first there wouldn't have a comparaison between move and wii ( what's the point ? wasn't that about kinect ?)

Second he would have used something else than those "shots" ..

not saying that he is a liar or something because people can have fun with kinect .. but it's certainly weird .

i mean even umbrellas were given by microsoft /jk

Greycat_James3034d ago

I don't see the fact that you need to use more energy to use Kinect as a bad point. I loved the amount of effort I had to put into playing the games with Kinect. It felt much more satisfying than flinging my arms around and hoping I knocked out some low-detail Mii.

I will be keeping my eye out for any Move preview events around the UK however. Although most of my reason for possibly getting a PS3 will be Blu-ray and Little Big Planet 2

I really didn't have any issues with the control. It was very accurate. All of the on-stage demos suck, but when it's actually in a small room, being used as intended, it works. And very well.

Plus, I WISH they'd give me something for free. If there's something Microsoft isn't, it's generous. Seriously, did you see the Hard Drive prices? Or the Wireless adapter at launch? I just bought one for £20. About a quarter of the RRP when it came out. I may love my Xbox, but the amount I have to pay to keep using it can get ridiculous sometimes. (Not to mention I'm on my third one. Only the second I've paid for though)

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GusBricker3034d ago

Pure awesomeness, because that's going to be me in 3 months and I don't care. Fun is fun!

coolbeans3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

I personally won't be buying it until I see how the Star Wars game pans out BUT, it's tough to deny that it does look fun albeit silly or foolish. Kind of the same deal with the Wii for me, although the Wii looked more polished (can't say 'played more polished' yet since I have't played Kinect).

FragMnTagM3034d ago

My most fond memories of friends or family is when we were being silly together. Everything for me does not have to be hardcore all the time. I can take a break and a little humility to have fun with my family and friends.

Too many gamers are so self conscious to have fun in social situations. Humility is a part of life. Everyone has been humiliated at one point or another in their life while others have laughed. Laughing with them about something silly you did, with or without them, end up being memories you talk about for the rest of your life.

People are going to look just as silly, in my opinion, when they hold glowing orbs and to a lesser extent, Wii-Motes. Will that stop me from playing Move games? NO! I don't give a damn if someone thinks the object I am holding looks like a dildo, if I am having fun, who cares? I am comfortable with my sexuality and will not think twice if/when someone makes a comment like that. Just like I wont care if someone says I look stupid playing Kinect. I see fun in both devices and don't understand the hate for either one.

Greycat_James3034d ago

I think my self-consciousness actually stopped me having a proper go with Dance Central. I really wish I'd just grown some bollocks and done it, despite the huge panes of glass letting everyone in the queue watch me while I was at Alton. I think I probably would have really enjoyed it if I'd actually been able to do it while being watched by total strangers...

I imagine that the party game aspect will be the biggest selling point, as it was for me and my family with the Wii, for current hardcore gamers. I can see it being great fun in my room at Uni with the rest of my room-mates, possibly slightly pished, flailing at Kinect.

The potential for interesting game-play mechanics is definitely there. It's just whether it will get the hardcore games developers using it that will decide on the prominence of Hardcore Kinect games.

Tres213034d ago

move & kinect...kinect & move...blah blah it just me or does everyone argue over these 2 products more than anything else on here that most havent even played...which is weird cuz it comes from the same ppl who dont even acknowledge wii when arguing over systems.

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