Taiwan Market: Xbox 360 Slim to Triple Monthly Sales, Say Channel Retailers

Microsoft is set to launch its new 250GB Xbox 360 slim model on August 21 in Taiwan, and sources from channel retailers expect the new model to triple the console's average sales per month in the second half from the first.

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R2D22982d ago

more reliable than the old one. I can why people would want to pick one up.

East_Coast2982d ago

Going to be a very interesting holiday quarter.

Biggest2982d ago

Taiwan? Japan is often ignored by some, but Taiwan is where the real action happens.

Dance2982d ago

more reliable is the key word

candystop2982d ago

I think he meant reliable.

SOAD2982d ago

It's still two words.

facelike2982d ago

Triple starting from what number?

coolbeans2982d ago

Doubt Taiwan's a notable market for the 360-brand so I'd figure not that much. I'm sure MS would like to hear this news regardless of how big the numbers are.

ThanatosDMC2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I wonder how much they sell 360s over there compared to NA.

(I just noticed the plus sign next to our names. It makes it easier to ignore people!)

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