GameStop's total sales up $1.8 billion in second quarter

GameStop, currently the world’s largest video game and entertainment software retailer, has reported its sales and earnings for the second fiscal quarter ended July 31, 2010.

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Dance2983d ago

why am i not surprised

0mega42983d ago

failed to have my collectors edition SCII at launch even though i reordered months and months in advance
forcing me to purchase a regular copy

so amazon for me from now on as they have cash back or future cash on a lot of the top titles

ViperaViRuS2983d ago

I'm assuming you were attempting to pick up the C.E. from a GameStop different from the one you pre-ordered it at? I ran into the same trouble and had to go to the one I originally pre-ordered.

It's due to the fact they use the pre-orders to determine how many to stock at each store.

outrageous2983d ago

If they want to stop the used game market, reduce the price of games and open there own stores. Look at how much money these guys made!!!

Activision and EA must be having a nervous breakdown right now. This is gonna start something big. Blockbuster is in trouble. Why haven't they jumped into the used gaming market???. I know they do now, but they need to do more...1.8 BILLION...INCREDIBLE.