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EDGE: "As with so many games, the blights and blemishes are partly concealed by playing it through in co-op, and there are extensive and intriguing multiplayer modes in the package, too (see ‘Co-ops and robbers’). But as a singleplayer experience, Dog Days feels underdeveloped. Its most striking ideas don’t fulfil their promise, and its successes are etched by pervasive minor flaws. The towering, terrifying city, and the lens through which it is shot, drag you onwards through the game’s lesser parts, but you sense that the real crime in this whole bloody escapade is that it doesn’t live up to its dark flashes of imagination."

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darkequitus2980d ago

Oh dear. I think IO should stick to what they know: Hitman.

No more Mini Ninjas or Kane and Lynch

Bleucrunch2980d ago

I have it for ps3 and I like the game...its not perfect but what game is. I wish it was a little more gore for that type of game it is.

darkequitus2980d ago

I actually rented it today as there is nothing that catches my fancy this week. It is not that bad. I am only on chapter to with that English bloke it the parking lot.

AliTheBrit192980d ago

Hell yes!

Nobody wanted a damn Kane & Lynch sequel

But Hitman has a large and established fanbase.

Optical_Matrix2980d ago

They gave it a higher score than FFXIII? No I've seen it all.

2980d ago
electricshadow2980d ago

I wasn't expecting this high of a score from EDGE. I knew this game would be a rental. I enjoyed the first one, even with all of it's flaws and I enjoyed the demo of the second one. The Kane And Lynch franchise may not be of the highest quality, but it does keep me interested. I especially enjoyed the shaky cam and all of the filters on the camera.

Acquiescence2980d ago

That was my first exposure to it and I thought the visual aesthetic was astounding. It's a shame the rest of the game didn't turn out to be as good.

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The story is too old to be commented.