Playstation Move works best 8 feet away from PS Eye camera

Ex: One of the issues with all the new motion controls for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii has been how much space players will need while they move, swing, waggle and jump. Now we learn some of the space and placement requirements to give gamers the optimal experience with the PS Move.

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killyourfm2984d ago

Well, I'm gonna need a bigger bedroom :-/

Queasy2984d ago

Well, that's the "optimal distance". It will work closer or further away. Not sure what the min or max range will be.

Aikuchi2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Have you seen the games on smash vids, Mucu is only a couple feet away from his tv and it still works great.

East_Coast2984d ago

That's why every Move demonstration has shown that it works perfectly well from only a few feet away from the cam.

Flamebait BS.

Queasy2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

It came straight from the mouth of one of the developers for Sports Champions. They didn't say it would only work at 8 feet. Just that that was the optimal distance.

East_Coast2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Yeah I didn't bother to RTFA because of the flame-bait header.

Queasy2984d ago

The header isn't flame-bait. That's what the developer of Sports Champion said.

If you bothered to RTFA you'd also find out that they think that it's best if the PS Eye is situated at shoulder level even though it isn't required.

Reading is fundamental!

East_Coast2984d ago Show
Queasy2984d ago

So what the developer thinks is the best way to play Move isn't relevant?

Ummm, yeah....

East_Coast2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

"So what the developer thinks is the best way to play Move isn't relevant?

Ummm, yeah...."

That's his opinion and since I'm paying for this hardware I'll use it how ever the hell I want. So yes both you and him can get the nuts on this issue.

theIMP2984d ago

Aww, east coast just got served because his dumb ass got called out for not reading the article, now he's mad cause he looks all stupid. HIS daddy must be proud of the illiterate loud mouth punk.

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hakis862984d ago

I usually stand like 1-1.5m from my PSeye and sit in my sofa about 2m away..maybe a bit more.
If i sit on my sofa and Burnout Paradise snaps a picture you can't see my face clearly.. I understand that if 2 players are supposed to wave hans at the same time you'd want 2.5m... but not alone?
Anyways, good to hear it works anyways =)

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ActionBastard2984d ago

Glad they've showed it being played at various distances. And let's not forget the YouTube's of people playing with their press/party packs.

Hacking2984d ago

8 feet lol so lets hear these excuses these ps3 fan boys come out with and sit back and laugh.

S_C2984d ago

Why would we (ps3 owners) make up excuses, the room my ps3 is in is 25ft so 8 ft optimal distance for the move is no worry at all for me, at least we can enjoy our quality product with quality games to go with it, so i think us ps3 owners will be sitting back laughing at you playing you hardcore games such as kinectimal and harry potter all with the added bonus of tremendous LAG, were as we have killzone 3, Socom 4, MAG, InFAMOUS 2 (potentialy) and GT5 (head tracking) and thats just to name a few, So i think we will be the ones laughing.

KingME2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

You may be laughing, but your comment also displays that you're a little butthurt by hacking's comment. Why so offensive, is it be cause the optimal 8 foot distance is further than the 6 feet required for Kinect. Please explain your bad j/k

@Dread below (3.4) You make an excellent point, be you are really surprised by the double standard are you?

Edit: Haha, look at all the youtube video links, what's that all about? Is this why some people mean when they say SDF?

S_C2984d ago

Me Offensive, More like why you being so denfensive?

I'm just stating facts, why would i care about the distance of the optimal distance if my room is 25ft, all i care about is the hardware and the games that come out for it, and so far the move is shitting all over kinect in every aspect, and if you cant see that then you are a proper hardcore fanboy.

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DSI2984d ago Show
S_C2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

@ KingME
you mention that no1 above me mentioned kinect while Hacking said "8 feet lol so lets hear these excuses these ps3 fan boys come out with and sit back and laugh." that is pritty obvious what he is hinting at, and no i am not a fanboy i just speak my mind, ive bashed the ps3 in the past when i havent liked somthing they have done, were as u mate wouldnt u would try nd defend the 360 even if u did think that somthing was shit and thats why i would class u as a hardcore fanboy and your comment of "WARNING, BEWARE OF TEMPERMENTAL GIRLY MAN" which i take you think is pritty humarous is pritty immature dont you think.

Biggest2984d ago

The videos of the Move working at various distances isn't enough, S_C. Some people don't believe truth unless they get to touch truth. In the case of some, like Hacking, they NEVER believe the truth because he won't own Move. Not worth explaining anything to those types. The proof is in the video evidence. Oh. . . I am very butthurt and defensive right now. I am a girly man that is sad because the Move works as advertised. I would feel better if it was a laggy piece of crap camera. Only then would I be satisfied with the gaming revolution.

PWNER2984d ago

Changing the subject to avoid a problem(Which isn't really a problem, 8 ft is more like a recommendation.) I won't lie to you, I'm an Xbox fanboy, but my xbox is in a room that's barely 8 feet wide, and my friend with a PS3 has a room that's about the same, and so do many other gamers. Not everyone has a 25 foot mini-auditorium in their house.

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TotalPS3Fanboy2984d ago

my sofa is about 7 to 8 feet away from the TV. Just perfect for Move.

UnwanteDreamz2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Pathetic troll is pathetic.
Seems to work from less than 4 feet away

Dread2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I remembver all you fanboys criticizing kenetc about the distance.. I guess you guys have a double standard, when it comes to criticizing. If its Sony is justified if its MS it is not..

metsgaming2984d ago

kinect doesnt work regardless of distance

Motorola2984d ago

"It works BEST" So it will work just not Perfectly. According to videos though, 4 ft is enough.

cliffbo2984d ago

i hope you buy the kinect then i can sit back and laugh at your bad purchase

Biggest2984d ago

I won't criticize the Kinect about the distance. I feel that 6-8ft (or whatever they say the proper distance is) is PERFECT. I feel that the distance required to use the Kinect is the best distance required for ANY motion controller. When it comes to desired distance, the Kinect kills the competition. But it's too bad that the Kinect doesn't work anyway. To quote a recently posted article about Kinect and Harry Potter:

"It doesn't work."

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East_Coast2984d ago

just check the videos above you...good enough?

fr0sty2984d ago

8 feet is the distance where PSEye can see the most of your body with it's viewing angle. Being that move is more than just a controller, and also combines full body tracking via PSeye, at 8 feet away you'll get the optimum experience for tracking more than just the controller since that's where the camera sees your full torso, arms, and head in the frame.

As for just using move as a controller, as long as the camera can see the orbs (and it can in ANY lighting situation, unlike other devices...), it can accurately track it from any distance. As long as the orb on screen takes up more than a couple pixels (which at 640x480 shouldn't be hard), it should be able to track it accurately. The closer you are to the screen, the easier that will become as the orb grows in size on camera as it gets closer.

This doesn't even take into account that the majority of Move's tracking is actually not done with the camera at all, with it only acting as a distance calibrator by analyzing the size of the orb in each frame.

As for "excuses", excuses for what? Works BEST at 8 feet doesn't mean doesn't work at any other range. We've already shown in the videos posted that move works even up close, and that 8 feet is far from a requirement to enjoy it. Unlike fans of other devices, who have to come up with excuses for why their device doesn't work while sitting down, if you're wearing loose clothing of any sort, if the lighting is too bright in the room, if you're dark skinned

Need I say more? Go find a video where move isn't working... enjoy sitting stuck at a menu screen flailing your arms around trying to get kinect to see you.

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S_C2983d ago

How am i changing the subject? im talking about the move?

Yes i know that most people dont have a 25ft room but you can also agrue the case that most people dont have a 8ft room, but as has been shown in videos that the move can work with less than 8 foot so i dont see were u xbox fanboys are coming from its not as if the move wont work at all unless u have 8ft or more, its been shown to work very well at distances less than 8ft, and i think that you would only need 8 ft for the dancing games coming out for the move which i am not bothered with at all, ill stick to the KZ3, GT5, Socom4 games that will be coming out.

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Zir02984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Kinect recommended distance is 6 feet right?

Didn't think Move would require more space.

Edit: Whats up with N4G you can't approve anything.

It still means the same really, you are going to require a decent amount of space for either motion controller, just slightly more with Move.

TotalPS3Fanboy2984d ago

That means you can just sit 8 feet away. Not that you require 8 feet of space around you.

TotalPS3Fanboy2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

"It still means the same really..."

No. It doesn't. You can sit on your sofa and play Socom with Move. You don't need 8 feet of empty space around you to play in.

fr0sty2984d ago

What part of "recommended" did you understand as "required"? work on that reading comprehension...

KingME2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

You can't be that stupid can you. The recommended distance for move and kinect is to encompass all the types of games that would possible be played using it.

Socom is one single game that may not required more than 4 feet. Additionally, I'm sure the distance is also based on where you position your camera. If your camera is on a shelf sitting a foot behind your 50" plasma, then you would probably need to back away as opposed to a camera sitting below the TV on your TV stand.

I really don't know why the PS3 fanboys are getting so hot under the collar, it's optimal not mandatory. Haven't you ever looked at the box of a PC game and looked at the minimum requirements vs the recommended requirements. Take a chill pill, and enough with them lame ass youtube videos as if you've been tasked by Sony to clear the air.

360 fanboys, I know you feel a need to jump all over this dumb article because the PS3 fanboys have made it where you are looking for anything you can find wrong with move. But it did say "optimal" not REQUIRED so your points are moot. And if you think they are retarded for the comments they make, why would you turn around and do the same thing. Hypocrit much?

jneul2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

no you actually have to stand further away with kinect for it to see all your body, and it's not optional, have you not seen the too close errors, i predict when people get kinect home 9/10 peoples room's will be too small
as for move i have stood about four feet away playing with heavy rain and it was fine, also we was very close whilst playing sports champions and was no where near as far back as 8 feet and it worked like a dream for me:):)

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mushroomwig2984d ago

I'll need to re-arrange my PsEye setup but like Queasy said, that's merely the 'optimal distance'.

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