Too Human impressive artwork

In this case, for the great 360 exclusive, it's Thor in new artwork. The mix of Too Human is old Scandinavian mythology and the future.

This exclusive is an exiting new one!

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Scrooge5395d ago

Woops, I pressed lame, I meant cool. Looks good.

TheMART5395d ago

Haha that happens once in a while Scrooge. Yeah this game is cool. Only dumb Sony Brainwashed Fanboys are voting lame on every 360 article. Like:

haha 06 Aug 2006 10:35
PS3 Fan 06 Aug 2006 06:35

mikeeno75395d ago

This trilogy will be good with Silicon Knights looking after it. Guaranteed.

BIadestarX5395d ago

I'm starting to feel bad about haha already... with all the cool PS3 games coming out. he will develop RSI (also know as cumulative trauma disorder). Having to click on the lame (for no reason) but be very painful.