Molyneux: "Small boys could have done a better job of designing Fable II"

NowGamer: You can always count on the brilliant Mr Molyneux not to mince his words. Would we have it any other way?

In an exclusive interview with NowGamer mere moments ago, industry legend Peter Molyneux, in truly legendary style, dissed the hell out of his own game, telling us that “small boys could have done a better job of designing Fable II.”

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FangBlade3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Peter Molyneux has a thing for small boys.

GWAVE3009d ago

Molyneux should seriously shut his mouth. He's getting more annoying than Greenburg.

Johnny_Bravo3009d ago

Then don't click on articles that feature him then, its not that hard. Your comments are pretty annoying, but unfortunately you like to comment on every single article it seems.

0mega43009d ago

and take there time putting out the best game possible

Godmars2903009d ago

Then people would only go on about how he's an innovative gamemaker. Use games like Black and White, which he did *YEARS* ago, or Milo, which is either a tech demo or something in development hell. Pay no mind to that man in the corner with the laptop.

Better his ability gets questioned in his own stupid articles than others derailing them.

Conloles3009d ago

Wow way to be harsh on your team or what, pretty sure he was praising how good it was at release...

candystop3009d ago

I agree and don't see why they always have there 2 cents to put in 360 news. The funny thing is no matter how much hate they spew 360 will continue to outsell there beloved PS3. 360 provides games with a better overall experience then just graphics and tacked on multiplayer. This holiday will be the biggest spin year yet for PS3 fanboys who still can't answer how the Sony monster is stuck in last and has no answer for 360's holiday lineup.

yoshiroaka3009d ago

You know what... thats pretty f**ked up.

You developed Fable 2, hyped it like the second coming of Jesus, Then after everyone bought and supported you game you turn around and call it crap.
Why release the crap in the first place then?
Thats just poor integrity. I dont care if he is trying to be edgy or whatever.

I guess i shouldnt buy fable 3 then because a year later you might say it was the worst game you ever made!

I played fable 2 though but stopped after i broke out of prison.
Never got back into it after that.

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Christopher3009d ago

Ah, so it's gotten to this part of marketing the next game has it? First you sell it to high heaven with all its brilliant features. Then, in order to sell it to the people disgruntled from your last game, you put down the last game in comparison to the new one. I mean, you really no longer care about the last game when you only want to sell the next one, right?

Cheeseknight283009d ago

Seems to be that way. I was suckered in with Fable II on launch week and I never got past the Hero of Strength. Infact, I actually picked up again this summer and still didn't get past that part (Though I did FINISH that part this time).

Not sure what it is, but the game just didn't interest me that much. Maybe it was the uncompelling villain, or the streamlined combat, who knows. I MIGHT still buy Fable III, but considering you can get Fable II for under $15 now, I'll just wait to pick up 3.

R2D23009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

and the word small boy does not same right.

Relax guys I am only having some fun - plus this comment thread will be troll stamped due to the first comment.

Trebius3009d ago

If he says Fable 2 was poorly made, thats his way of saying Fable 3 is 100x better.

Another strategy he used to build hype was saying things like, "The new things in this upcoming game will piss a lot of gamers off!"

Mizz_mai3008d ago

you know what peter.....for the first time we agree on something....

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TrevorPhillips3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

so that means his calling his employees shit developers and that little kids could do a better job lol ouch

jimmins3009d ago

Because he's saying 'designed by' and he is the sole designer, he's kicking himself more than anyone else, but yeah, I can see how someone may take that the wrong way.

Oops, Peter. Oops.

UnwanteDreamz3009d ago

I wonder what people who stood in line at midnight to pay for Fable 2 think about him saying this.

jimmins3009d ago

Quite right! Bubbles to you.

TrevorPhillips3009d ago

I cannot approve this article wat the hell it says "You cannot approve your own submission" this isn't my article at all. Whats going on with N4G? O_o

jimmins3009d ago

Can't approve it either...

Oh, wait.. it IS my own submission. :P

George Sears3009d ago

"Why don't you take a seat Peter?"

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