Halo: Reach shown in 3D at GamesCom 2010 is a clever trick The photos, published by, show how everything was prepared very well chosen, with a lot of writing "experience Halo Reach in 3D."
In reality is nothing else the functionality has already been published previously in some TVs have chips for implementation of video images from 2D to 3D, then using the source 2D always the Xbox 360 console, which unfortunately is impossible in its hardware send a signal through the 3D native HDMI output of the console, with version 1.2 is not upgradeable, even as the recent newest Slim. To send a native 3D TV signal to TV 3D Ready is required to have at least one HDMI version 1.4a, as determined by the official announcement of the birth of the format and we are reporting for duty information below.

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alien6262982d ago

hmm i thought M$ didnt want to go 3d? could this b evidence about something new?

TheLeprachaun2982d ago

Listen the xbox 360 'supports' 3D. However, Microsoft has not invested in teh technology.

fireplace2982d ago

So Xbox 360 can't do 3D? OK, I'm back to playing Avatar in 3D on mine.

jacobdevos2982d ago

i always wondered about that game, i got it on PC.

if this article is true how does Avatar exist on the 360?

fr0sty2982d ago

360 can do 3D, but not HD 3D. It doesn't have the frame buffer to handle it. It also cannot connect to many 3DTV's out there that only accept a 3D signal via HDMI 1.4 to display in 3D, so it has to use off-standard methods that only some TV's support.

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deadreckoning6662982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Yep..sounds REAL mature. I remember defending the PS3 back in high school. I had it in 2007 when me and only a couple of other friends I knew had a PS3. Alot of people kept telling me that PS3 sucked over and over again. You know what I did...turned the other cheek. I realized, what the hell does it matter what anyone else thinks as long as I'm having fun? Yea, a lot of people talked shit about the PS3 back in the day, but who cares? A piece a technology isn't worth a 5 year grudge over the internet with random people you don't even know.

theIMP2982d ago

Very nice relpy man. One of the best i've ever seen on N4G. Thanks man, bubbles.

mcstorm2982d ago

Like the post I do think it is point less slagging each console off they all have there + and - sides but as long as we enjoy them than its a + for us all.

Its starting again with Kinect and Move I dont know why people post some things to say there not interested they must be interested to read it in the first place.

If we did not have Nintendo sony and MS all in the market it would be a very boring place to be in terms of games as we would not have things lile Halo LBP Mod nation Racers Mario.

Im glad we now how 3 company's in the market again as sega was a big loss when they quit the hardware market.

AtatakaiSamurai2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I remember YOU used to troll on ps3 srticles a while back. don't know about now cause i'm not on n4g as often but I remember you. now all of a suddent you're "mature"? lol

yeah, there's a reason you're down to one bubble and it is not because you're so "mature"

what i stated was the truth. i wonder why you didn't make posts and comments like that 2 years ago when ps3 and it's fans were taking a beating. we can all pretend as if there was no such thing as ps3 fud but too many remember and won't forget.

all these 'be a gamer not a hater' comments i see so often now, where were they 2 years ago but now the 360 is on the flip side of things it's now "immature" sure :\. you don't even acknowledge what sony and their fans went through and even make it seem as if it was their fault or they started this crap in the first place.

i totally understand the anger from ps gamers. more now than ever.

SOAD2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Hey dumbass. Do you know that people can check your profile and see you only "joined" this site about 86 days ago? Yet you're recounting your memories from 2007?

Why should you even be tolerated as an individual on this site, when it's abundantly clear that you're a multi-account user?

Secondly, saying that you don't condone fanboyism but you understand it is like saying you don't condone pedophilia but you understand it. Either you are a fanboy or you're not a fanboy. And if you're not a fanboy on this site, then you're not going to condone that sort of irrational behavior. The kind where you will spoil a video game's ending for the fans of the game just because you're an insecure prick with a grudge.

This new bubble reset is terrible. Too many assholes have been bumped up to 5 bubbles.

xTruthx2982d ago

soad.. have you heard of.... multiple accounts?

bartbart2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

that is the saddest reply ive ever heard.

"what sony and their fans went through"

it's the internet!!!!! Everyone insults everything. There is still mudslinging going on on both sides. It's not like people were dragged through city streets and beaten. This "suffering" consists of posts on the internet.

If you feel you or your INANIMATE OBJECT have been "wronged" why even attempt to project that onto someone else and continue that kind of mentality? If you ACTUALLY wanted it to stop, you would know that you ALSO have to stop.

Hatred just breeds hatred.

PS3 is in a DAMN good place right now, the entire earth knows that PS3 kicks ass. Sony has all the best exclusives (give or take) and going to have the best motion control system to go along with their push for 3d games.

Are you still so insecure that you troll internet stories to try and "even the score" somehow in your mind?

I know this is off topic, but it's absolutely INSANE how people willingly carry on this feud

SOAD2982d ago

"soad.. have you heard of.... multiple accounts?"

Yeah, that's why I wrote in my comment, "Why should you even be tolerated as an individual on this site, when it's abundantly clear that you're a multi-account user?"

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