Critical Gamer: Medal Of Honor (2010): Beta impressions

Critical Gamer writes: You’d have to be mad to be a developer and think that you can take on the combined might of the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Battlefield Bad Company franchises with a brand new FPS. But, since there’s a vast moat of gamer cash that surrounds these icons of videogame gun fighting, that madness can be offset with the dream of winning big. So it’s no surprise that EA are using a once beloved FPS of another console generation to have a stab at moat redirection, giving Medal Of Honor a modern makeover and waving a particular carrot in front of the FPS hordes.

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Mondayding2984d ago

Wait for 2nd handers then?

scruffy_bear2984d ago

Didn't like the beta going to wait for the reviews

xYLeinen2984d ago

I know the single player looks pretty darn good, but first and foremost, when I buy a fps I really look out for the multiplayer. I bought BC2 for their multiplayer when their campaign was average and I got 140 hrs so far and still going strong.

EA is pushing this to be a directly competitor to Black Ops. So for my own sake, I feel nothing wrong with judging this game mainly looking at the MP.

Jim Crikey2983d ago

For me, this is looking rather 'meh'.

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