Three Genuine Reasons Why Mass Effect 2 Will Suffer On PS3

NowGamer: We love Mass Effect, and to be quite honest, we couldn’t care less which console it appears on. The last thing in our minds when we were padding the corridors of Omega, or the bleak alien landscapes of Osun in the Hourglass Nebula, was which polygon cruncher was chomping away under our TV. It just doesn’t matter...

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T9X692985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

If ME2 is anything like Dragon Age on PS3, its not going to sit well with gamers.

EDIT: Jesus, calm down you crazy fanboys. They didn't say the game was going to fail, they gave reasons why it will suffer, I can think of 3 reason why ME2 suffered on 360. That doesn't mean the game is a fail, or will fail, so here you go.

3 reasons why ME2 suffered on 360.

2 disks

Massive load times

Horribly slow planet scanning

All 3 of those issues shouldn't be a problem on the PS3 version, but that doesn't mean the 360 version failed.

@cescgooner88 - Yes the PS3 version of DA looked better, and loaded faster, but the frame rate was terrible. I've played both versions, and I will take a steady frame rate over graphics any day. Frame rate issues will completely ruin a game for me within minutes.

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moegooner882985d ago

"The Playstation 3 version of Dragon Age: Origins is our Head2Head version of choice by having faster load times and a more visually appealing experience. Bioware has done an excellent job with the porting process ensuring an epic adventure on either system"

Dance2985d ago

but framerate favored the 360

Nac2985d ago

That BioWare did not do the console port for either, right?

moegooner882985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

@ Nac, actually i didn't know, apparently "Edge Of Reality" did the console port, it wasn't the best port but a good one nevertheless

morganfell2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Just goes to show you what ridiculous deductions can be induced by having a useless 'W' in your website name. After all, based on their lack of research, knowledge, and general perception is a more apt description.

AtatakaiSamurai2985d ago

it's a year old game coming out in the window launch of so many PS3 exclusives that are new. if ea wanted to make money off the ps3 version they should be sold it day and date with the 360 version.

I see many rentals for this game while ps3 gamers put their $$$ towards their well known exclusives. ea should make up for it on me3 though unless they pull that timed exclusive rubbish again

0mega42985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

if you've played me1&2

you would understand that 2 really doesn't relie that heavily on your decisions in the first one
you actually have tons of dialogue where you can pick and choose what happened in the past one no matter whats on your game save
as your character who saved the universe is almost completely forgotten within two years time

everyone you meet in that game is like sheppard oh yeah your that guy

he's the guy who saved the f'n universe and after he died should have been remembered forever

additionally i hope that they are able to fix the game on ps3

if you've played on xbox you should remember the nauseous amount of load screens
and it will be nice if they don't just do a simple port.

yet i can see mass effect 2 having a huge impact on 3 due to vast amounts of characters who can die or survive at the end of it

additionally with all the games on the ps3 nowadays
this title and ME3 on ps3 will inspire them to get rid of there xbox and move on to playing the series on the ps3
esp with microsoft leaving behind its core audience
to work on kinect hand gestures

know you getting a lot of hate for that
but its completely true

i remember once in an hours time i had about 20 load screens
and two disks are frustrating
and planet scan were retiredly slow

looks like you getting all these disagrees cause you got some xbox fanboys butt hurt

tplarkin72985d ago

ME1 had constant load hiccups and the frame rate crawled during heavy combat. ME2 runs like butter. It will be interesting to see how it runs on PS3.

poopface12985d ago

Im playing Dragon age on PS3 right now, and it looks and runs like crap compared to ME2 on 360.

For that reason, im sure ME2 on ps3 will run and look better then DA did on PS3.

ProjectVulcan2985d ago

Concerns over performance on PS3 can be addressed immediately with the knowledge that mass effect is an unreal engine 3 game and Dragon age is not, its a custom bioware engine.

Unreal engine 3 is already very well known and reasonably well optimised on PS3

frostypants2985d ago

Yeah, this article screwed up. The PS3 version of DA:O was widely considered the far superior console experience of the two.

sikbeta2985d ago

lol and now we call this an "article"


I can give you 2 reasons of why this "article" was submitted:

1. seems like ME2 coming to PS3 really hurt the feelings of some dudes
2. typical lame site made a piece of speculative crap in order to get hits

Hideo_Kojima2985d ago

You don't need to go into this too deap...

it may suffer but it will still make a couple of millions of profit.

ChozenWoan2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

That's the N4G I remember.

PS3/Sony/Blu-Ray/ME2 on PS3 is Dooooomed!

Can't wait till school starts again to keep the troopers busy most of the day. lol

While ME2 wont have the Day1 sales it would have had if it had launched at the same time as it did on PC/360, it will sale well in between it's release and the release of ME3. Which is what EA is really counting on. EA and BW will make some profit on ME2-PS3, but the real goal is to make massive profits when ME3 is out.

Gaming this gen is a marathon, not a sprint...
so you gotta keep your eye on the end game.

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Guwapo772985d ago

The game play on the PS3 wasn't too bad. But graphically it had some terrible visuals. I don't know if other versions were the same (including PC) but my goodness, I couldn't finish the game. The game looked as if it should be on PS2. My wife that knows next to nothing about video games asked me if I was playing one of my old games...

All those reviews about this game having "awesome" graphics lied.

Still a good game...just ugly as all hell.

ClosingRacer2985d ago

Dude the game was not even ported by Bioware so your point is moot... it was ported by edge of reality or something and seeing how this game is being developed by bioware this time we have no clue how well the game will load/ framrate will ever be so lets get this ps3 fanboy and 360 fanboyism out of the equation...

BTW i rather take solid framrate then "better graphics anyday"

Oh and Dragon age PC > Xbox & ps3 version if you really want to start bragging about which is better :P

abczby2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

"this title and ME3 on ps3 will inspire them to get rid of there xbox and move on to playing the series on the ps3"

Wow. How do you come up with this stuff?

I can tell you have not played Mass Effect 1 and then Mass Effect 2 with the same character. Your decisions from Mass Effect 1 have a huge impact on Mass Effect 2 and that is why the PS3 Mass Effect experience will always be second to the Xbox 360 Mass Effect experience.

Mass Effect on the PS3 will never feel like a true trilogy. Its like if you and a friend were ordering pizzas and your friend's pizza comes with the dough/crust, cheese, and topping but when your pizza arrives it only has the cheese and topping with no dough/crust. It just isn't as good.

NOW DO NOT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY. I am not saying that the PS3 versions of Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3 are going to be bad in any way. I am just saying they will not be as good as their Xbox 360 or PC counterparts because Microsoft will never allow EA to bring Mass Effect 1 to the PS3 since they published it.

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Megaton2985d ago

I'm not normally an advocate for comparisons, but lolwut?

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outrageous2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Comparing Mass Effect and DA is silly. Mass Effect is one of the most advanced games made this gen. The game engine using the upgraded Unreal 3 tech has great AI and advanced physics. If Bioware can reproduce that on PS3 than that would be great...big " IF " tho. I'm sure the demo is inbound and people can compare then.

As for the ME1 Vs ME2 controversy, you aren't missing much. The first game was amazing but it did have alot of bugs...some very big. I'm sure they could and will have DLC that you can BUY to upgrade the second Mass Effect experience.

They haven't mentioned Mass Effect 3 yet or if it will release on the same day on 360 and PS3...Hmmmm...I don't think the PS3 community will wait another year to play the same game...wait and see I guess.

BTW...all the bonus content is to hide the fact that EA is gonna charge FULL PRICE for a game that came out a year earlier on 360 and is being sold as we speak at half price 360/PC.

frameflip2985d ago

I wouldn't say the PS3 version is unplayable, but the 360 version did have a better framerate throughout. Hopefully ME2 wont have that issue.

Odin7772985d ago

I don't really remember Dragon Age running terribly on my PS3...although I did stop playing it, but that was due to the tactical system (it was similar to the gambits in FF12, I don't know what its called) didn't work worth shit.

XxZxX2985d ago

I played DA on my PC, and this is the first time i seen the graphics of XBOX 360 and PS3... Ohh boy.... you guys gonna love how much detail the PC has and I just having GTX 260, not even the top of the line one.

hikayu2984d ago

stop worrying about ME3 . they're still doing DAO 2 , remember ? it'll be awhile till they come back to it . possbily right before next-gen console launch .

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HelghastKid2985d ago

Well i bought dragon age for ps3, and plan on doing so with DA2 dont know what you're talking about

extermin8or2985d ago

i got it a few days ago and was slightly apprehensive because of what people had said but it's fine ok there are a few glitches and it lags whilst saving which is annoying but none are game breaking and the game is awesome!

Game-ur2985d ago

You shouldn’t believe everything you read in the in'ternet

avengers19782985d ago

Who says there will be a massive install, God of War 3 didn't need one.
Bioware says that they will do something to help introduce it to sony fans so playing mass effect one isn't that important...(i did play it on the 360 when i still had one)
Finally anything that can be done on the 360 can be done better on the PS3 if the devs take the time to make it that way.
We are already getting into the cerburus battle network, and getting the DLC included in the game for 59.99 sooooo it's already sorta better for PS3

kharma452985d ago

The thing about GoW III was that it was a first party game designed to solely to get the best out of PS3, ME2 wasn't designed that way.

moparful992985d ago

Mass effect 2 hasnt even come out for the ps3 yet and we have no photos, videos, or other evidence that its running at all.. Point being you are drawing a conclusion that mass effect wont run well on ps3 because it's not a first party game. Given the time to polish and dedicate special attention to the ps3 version it will undoubtedly help it.. Mass effect 2 is the best game on the 360 and with the appropriate amount of time and effort it should stun on the ps3..

Jazz41082985d ago

Its fine if you dont mind waiting a year for your games that again are multiplatform from the start and just about always perform better on the 360. Geez ms studios published me1 and this game was made for the 360 so good luck with that port as I hope if you have not played it that you enjoy it as it was an ok game, nothing special but ok. I will never pick up another multi game on ps3 because of being burned in the past with horiible ports and hour installs.

IlluminatusV2985d ago

The slow planet scanning is fixed since an update the game has received.

The load times were faster than in ME1, so this was no issue at all. I am currently playing Valkyria Chronicles on my PS3. This game have lot of loading screens and times.

zeeshan2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Are effing nuts? Load times were faster than ME1? In ME1, the load times look even more horrible because you had to be in an elevator and that's when the game would load but in ME2, there are no elevator load screens but it does take a LOT of time to load stuff! ME2's load time is worse than ME1!!!

TOO PAWNED2985d ago

Three Genuine Reasons Why Mass Effect 2 Will Suffer On PS3
1.360 fanboys feel butt hurt so it will suck on PS3, we know it doesn't make sense but thats how it is.
2.360 are butthurt because their best exclusive and game they could shut up about is coming to PS3, so now just like in Bioshock case, it isn't all that good, so PS3 guys please don't buy it.
3.We 360 fanboy will do anything in our power to convince PS3 fans not to buy this game, because in our little ignorant universe we still want to pretend like it is 360 can is future Gears Of war game, once trillogy is over.

my comment, grow up! Every single days article from 360 jelous fanboys. We have it and we will buy it, good bye.

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ER-AM2985d ago

What the fuck are you talking about? No, the reasons aren't good. They are FUD.

1. No one knows if there will be an install, so this reason is bullshit.

2. Most sites declared the PS3 version the superior console version. There were problems, but it was judged the better version. Also, from personally playing the PS3 version, I have no idea what the fuck this guy is talking about.

3. This is the only semi-legitimate reason. However, Bioware dropped the ball on really making the past choices matter in the second game. Whether they will rectify this with the third game has yet to be seen.

Also, where the fuck was the praise for the PS3 at? Or are you such a fanboy that anything that isn't completely negative about the PS3 is praise?

Spydiggity2985d ago

are clearly living in a fantasy land. regardless of the support you get from the other delusional fanboys here at n4g.

as for ME2 on ps3. i don't see why anyone is happy or unhappy about it. there are clearly pros and cons in this situation, and in my comes out just about even.

if you like ME1 and haven't played ME2 cuz you didn't get it for pc or 360, now you can get it. but i doubt this affects too many ppl. i got it for 360 cuz my old pc wasn't good enough when me1 came out. in hindsight...i would have rather just gone with the pc version. that's what most ppl should do.

i don't understand why fanboys are so desperate to turn EVERYTHING into a damn war. i don't think anyone cares about this nearly as much as you want to pretend they do.

Raines of Onyx2985d ago

This is not the best exclusive on 360 lol gears and halo are, thats like saying resistance 2 is the best ps3 exclusive lol

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ico922985d ago

lol DA looked better on the ps3, and installs lol no comment on that, the 3rd and final reason has been adressed many times, and besides i've been reading alot of reviews from credible sites and the majority of the reviews didn't even mention anything about actions made in ME1 carried over to ME2 meaning websites that gave ,E2 great scores reviewed the game for what it is...ME2.
Seriously ME2 is comming to the PS3 deal with it

AusWarrior2985d ago

Yep, you're right. Not sure what made the author say otherwise.

Tito082985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

About the case with Assasin's Creed, IDK, I always considered Ubisoft having very bad software and tools compared to other companies... But Tekken 6, did you know why LensOfTruth preffered the 360 version, because they compared both games out of the box, meaning they didn't use the PS3 install option nor mention the graphics looked better on PS3, I understood their decision, but I think it was a very unfair comparison, it shouldn't have being an issue for them to do the install, or make it a tie!!!!

Jazz41082985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Why is every article about the ps3 mention the word install. because the system suffers worse then the PC with updates and installs and please take it from one who owns both machines on DA as I checked both out from GameStop and this author is right as the ps3 version is not even close as the framrate sucks compared to the 360. Who am I going to believe a biased web site that excepts donations like lens of truth or my Lying eyes.

Jazz41082985d ago

Damage control is n4g celebrating that they get to play a nearly year old game last and dont even get the whole series. LOL

DA_SHREDDER2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I thought scanning planets was done without really any taste or depth. It would be cool if Bioware would put some of their old school rpg greatness instead of always just trying to rush out a product. The 360 version would have been better if they didn't have to appease all those idiot stock brokers that just wanna make a buck, and make it fast, when instead a game like ME could be done in a timely fasion, but not rushed cause then everything gets screwed up. Reality is, ME2 on the ps3 is gonna be a better game simply cause they had more time and thus a more polished product.

0mega42985d ago

but its completely true

i remember once in an hours time i had about 20 load screens
and two disks are more than annoying

looks like you getting all these disagrees cause you got some xbox fanboys butt hurt

Christopher2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

1. Load times were only an issues with the first ME on the 360 (aka eleveator rides). Second one was vastly improved overall, though there were still a lot of loading screens. It will still likely have a forced install, much like both Dragon Age games.

2. Dragon Age: Origins actually looked and performed better on the PS3 than the 360. Not saying much, because the job they did on the 360 was just atrocious and I hope they hired some more competent developers going forward.

3. Can't argue with there not being ME1. As I mentioned in another post, would be neat for them to build in a kind of 'choose your path' storyline that you can choose to go through to make some of the important decisions from the first game (Did you kill Wrex? Did you sacrifice Kaiden or Ashley? Etc.)

moparful992985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I played the first 5 minutes of me1 and didnt like and have never played since... Recently I hesitantly played me2 on my buddies 360 and fell in love.. I got to the part where you have to go to different colonies and assemble a team based off of dosiers. I never once felt like I was missing relevant information because I didn' complete the first game.. I think its just an excuse for people to automatically dismiss the ps3 version... I am uber excited about playing this game on my ps3... Cant wait!

Christopher2985d ago

@moparful99: Obviously you weren't invested in the story of the first game at all, and like some you were able to look at ME2 with a clean slate. This is not true for many who have played all the way through ME1 and ME2, possibly multiple times like myself.

The choices you make in ME1 do have some major impact on what you encounter and some story elements in ME2.

Some examples (***SPOILERS*** for those that need it):

- In ME1 at one point you may need to kill Wrex if you're unable to calm him down. Now, if you've played ME2 and landed on the Krogan home world without having ever played the first game, you're going "Who the hell is Wrex?" Well, that's the thing, if you played the first game and didn't kill him, he's the leader of the Krogan. Going in just from ME2, you're the guy who killed Wrex, a guy you never even heard of before now, and they hate you more than usual.

- In ME1 you can have a relationship with one of two women (as male Shephard). There's an opportunity to revisit this relationship in the second game. The same with the female Shephard and her one male relationship. If you have a relationship with on particular individual, it opens up some additional content when you are aiding her.

- In ME1 you have the choice to decide how things turned out in the end. Did you save the humans or the council? Did you put the rotten bastard ambassador on the council or did you put Captain Anderson up there. Both of these affect the storyline going into the second game.

There are a ton of smaller details as well. Did you let the one criminal woman go and how did you let her go? How did you treat your biggest fan? How did you do in the interview with the journalist and how do you respond to it meeting her in the second game?

frostypants2985d ago

cgoodno, the point is that those who haven't played ME1 won't care or know that they're missing anything. It's as if the 360-bots are trying to say that as a standalone game, ME2 sucks, which is clearly not the case. I'd wager that MANY people who played ME2 on the 360 never laid eyes on the first one.

I'm not a Bioware fan (I do own a 360 and don't have either ME1 or ME2) but the double-speak from the 360 fanboys on this is ridiculous.

Christopher2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

***cgoodno, the point is that those who haven't played ME1 won't care or know that they're missing anything.***

They'll know/care if they actually pay attention. You meet up with characters in the second game that your character knows... but you don't.

- Tali'Zorah on your first Cerberus mission, who talks about Shephard from her past and how 'if you only knew Shephard' type of comments. Coming into this situation without having any background on the character can cause issues, especially in regards to how you help or don't help Tali at that time. Helping her father (and herself) later on should really be disjointing since you really don't understand why what her father has done is wrong or why she's being doing what she does. Let alone understanding her people and their ways.

- The reveal of Garrus as the Archangel. Someone who's never played the first game should be confused at the whole introduction or even why the reveal matters at all.

- Going to the krogan home planet and being blamed for the death of Wrex... who the heck is that is what people should be asking.

- Meeting up with Liara and talking about your past and asking questions about what happened with events you've never experienced.

- Meeting up with Ashley or Kaiden and communicating about your past adventures, of which you have had none if you are new to the game.

- How people talk to you as being the Human Spectre, none of which is covered in the second game except in passing. What the heck is a Spectre, most people should be asking themselves.

- In general the races. In the first game you are introduced into the world and find out a lot about the existing races, how they live, why they do what they do, and so on. In the second game you don't explore these things at all. You have different races, here's some random information without knowing why, live with it.

- Speculation at being revived by Cerberus because of past dealings... you've never even heard of them until now.

Seriously, there is a ton in the second game that truly relies on knowledge from the first game to truly understand who people are, what is going on, and who are your real friends/enemies.

moparful992985d ago

You see I made it to the point where you assist archangel defeat the mercs and I wasn't confused or lost, there was alot of context clues that were easy to figure out. You are just making a stink out of nothing.. Its a big deal to you so what, I dont care im still buying me2 on my ps3 and I will love ever second of it.. thanx anyway..

Christopher2985d ago

***You are just making a stink out of nothing.***

Actually, I'm talking about the most important thing in these games - the story. Something which you seem to have just glanced over and skipped through to get back to the shooting. Otherwise you would have asked a lot of questions or had to use the Internet to figure out what many of the things being discussed really pertain to.

b777conehead2984d ago

it would be no diferent if you didnt play the first one on the 360 then played the second one on the 360 so thats not just related to the ps3. your just a hurt 360 fan boy who is making excuses for ps owners not to buy the game. if i didnt play the first game it docent matter to me ill play the second game the way it plays out

Christopher2984d ago

***your just a hurt 360 fan boy who is making excuses for ps owners not to buy the game. ***

Really? Do you even know who the heck you're responding to?

Look, I'm a huge fan of RPGs, and thereby most of BioWare's work because that's what they're good at. I'm a big fan of the ME franchise. I own ME for the 360 and PC, ME2 for the PC. This has crap to do with whether I suckle at my 360's teet or not but all to do with the focus on the most important element of ME2 for someone who's never played the first game, the story.

You are right that this is no different from someone who picks up and plays ME2 on the 360/PC without ever playing the first game, but the difference is they can easily go pick up the first and play it to get those elements they don't understand filled in.

ME2 coming to the PS3 is one of the best things to happen this year and I love it, but if you really play these games and pay attention to the most important element - again, the story - then you will have lots of questions about the specifics of the game and your character if you've never played the first. Something that is very likely to happen if you are buying it for the PS3.

moparful992984d ago

Serioulsy dude why are you beating this horse? I tried to play the first one and just couldnt get into it. But I love ME2 and the hour or so I have played I have yet to feel like I am missing any of the experience. You are making it out to be this ordeal that if you dont play the first one that it completely breaks the second game.. It doesnt...

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Sony3602985d ago

Only Mass Effect didn't suffer at all on the 360, so your argument is invalid.

Load times weren't massive, they fixed the planet scanning (which is the same on all systems, lol). Everything else is irrelevant.

You mad bro? At least you can carry your save over from the first game.

Oh shit wait a second.

Raines of Onyx2985d ago

The bottom line is ME2 is comming out a whole year later, this move was soley for ME3 because microsoft get all the ga,e and dlc sales for a year, including,the rumoured expansion comming,out this holiday season. Microsodt is already making all the money. I have bo the systems amd I already beat the game and dlc so I wont get it on ps3 and like it was said before its gonna be a port without ME1 so it wont be a full experence. Sony will be lucky to get 35% of the sales microsft got.

pustulio2985d ago

Here we go again another flamebait article.

PS3 fanboys are already raging all over the comments and they don't even know what those 3 reasons are.

The only bad thing is that you guys won't have ME1 but that's really not a big deal.

Just calm the fuck down Fanboys.

bustamove2985d ago

You know that Mass Effect 2 struck a nerve when 360 fanboys are clinging to this article. I'm sorry but I highly doubt that Mass Effect 2 will fail on the PS3.

Darkfiber2985d ago

How will planet scanning be faster on the PS3? Do the analog sticks on the PS3 controller make you move faster than the 360? That's the first I've heard of this.

Also, it doesn't matter what you tell the PS3 fanboys on this site, every game is better on PS3 than every other platform, regardless of how bad the framerate is, how bad the textures are, how slow the loads are, how long the installs are, how much missing grass there is, how low the resolution is, etc etc etc. They will always find a way to justify it and somehow convince themselves that the PS3 version is better than 360 and PC, usually combined.

squallheart2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

You know i have always wanted to play this game. I dont own a 360 and didnt want to bother with the pc version so when the news broke out i was very excited.

To me it seems the 360 fans are worried that it will do more in sales on the ps3 than 360. Which then will justify the claim the only thing that sells on 360 are shooters. Everyone should just be happy that more will play the game. I mmean isnt that the excuse 360 fanboys used with ffxiii.

ABizzel12985d ago

Massive Installs.

The long install excuse is dead. PS3's come standard with 120GB & 250GB HDD's now soon to be 160GB & 320GB. So installs don't do nearly as much damage as they would have a lunch console.

Even then most PS3 owners should be aware by now that you can replace the HDD in any PS3 model and for $50 you can upgrade to a 320GB HDD again making that argument mute. Enough with the install excuse, it's dead.

Bioware has EA backing them 100% this time around they were already making Dragon Age before the Bioware EA deal. EA has a grip on the PS3 and it seems that most if not all of their studios are leading development on the PS3 now, so Bioware shouldn't have any problems, porting a game that already finished and tweaking it to run smoothly with a years worth of time.

How Mass Effect 2 starts off there's really no need for Mass Effect 1, and if they want to give you a brief overview of Mass Effect 1 then they could do all of it in a cutsceen before the game starts.

There's no need to worry about Mass Effect 2 on the PS3.

Bloodraid2985d ago

The article really has no legitimate points.

1. Mandatory Install
- Unsure if a mandatory install is confirmed or not, but I don't understand how this will cause it to suffer. He claimed himself that the load times were horrible on the 360 version, it's a trade off, essentially.

2. Dragon Age: Origins
- So another game by the same people is proof that this game is going to be rubbish on the PS3. Please explain how this works, thank you.

3. No Mass Effect 1
- This is the only thing that's even close to a point. Although there will not be a Mass Effect 1 on the PS3, there is also supposed to be a ton of bonus material exclusive to the PS3 version, no? This [may] compensate for Mass Effect 1.

Also; believe it or not, this is not the first game on the PS3 that didn't have the original released on the PS3. Condemned: Bloodshot, for example.

Anon19742985d ago

And as far as I can tell, this article isn't based on anything. Let's have a look at their points.

Massive Install: So? Manage your drive space better - or take off a game install while you're playing this title. Better yet, spend $50 and slap a new drive in. This is a non-issue.

BioWare & The PS3: What the hell was wrong with Dragon Age on the PS3? I'm playing through Awakening right now and it's excellent. Sure it has some frame rate dips, but so did the 360 version. A few more frame dips were a small price to pay for better visuals and superior load times - something that also hints at your first point being moot.

No Mass Effect: Again, so? So PS3 fans won't have the emotional attachment to the characters and vehicles? gtfo? If the writers have done their job, which I understand they have - gamers will have no problem picking this game up and diving in. Again, this is such a non-issue it's laughable.

This, to me, just smacks of a insecure fanboy article pouting because they lost one of their few exclusives (if you can call also being on the PC "exclusive")

ClosingRacer2985d ago

Your 3 point isn't really an 360 issue.. The games slow scanning is due faults of Bioware... the 360 didn't make it slow they did..

Anyways this game will the first ps3 game the ever made( Dragon age was ported and wasn't done by Bioware themselves) so for all intentions this will be the first game made by bioware to be made on the ps3.. and if you look at other developers first few games on that system it is looking like it is set to fail( just saying from past developers first few games made on that system.. or any system really) I hope they get it right and don't have any issues with the game cause simply the game is so amazing i don't see why they just did this when they first started making ME 2..

And if the game had issues with load times imagine it on the ps3.. either even longer load times or they have to make a install to make the game load faster...

Lifendz2985d ago

A lot of you keep pointing to the lack of character import from ME1 to ME2 hurting the PS3 version. Well, does it really hurt a guy that's never had it? As a PS3 only owner, I didn't know how addictive achievements were until Trophies were added. You don't miss something you never had. And besides, Bioware seems to be doing everything to fill PS3 players in on the backstory and providing enough of a base to make us familiar with the game's story.

Honestly can't wait to finally see what all the fuss was about.

EvilBlackCat2985d ago

2 disks

Massive load times

Horribly slow planet scanning


2 disks? NOT A PROBLEM

MASSIVE LOAD TIMES? Dude wtf r u talking about?

Horrbly slow planet scanning? Did you played Mass Effect 2 ? One word: Update

Shepherd 2142985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Although Nowgamer needs to do more research, and the author is clearly bias, reason number three is a solid reason no doubt about it. PS3-only gamers have not played the first Mass Effect, and are missing out on a ton of story details that help fuel the plot of Mass Effect 2.

Even if Bioware comes up with an okay solution to filling the events of the first game for PS3 gamers, it would still be like a friend saying "here is what happened in A New Hope so that you can enjoy The Empire Strikes Back more."

Unlike some other franchises, the Mass Effect trilogy has a story-arc, and each of the three chapters depend on each other horribly in the same sense as LotR, Star Wars, the Terminator, etc. Im really curious to see how this will be addressed for the PS3 port.

Not to mention the ME1 Import feature wont be in ME2, and the feature wont be available until ME3 comes out for use with ME2. Its a great feature as well.