Black Ops online reveal to 'shock' players

Treyarch has insisted that players will be shocked by Call Of Duty: Black Ops' multiplayer reveal.

Community manager Josh Olin said that the studio's full commitment to working on the game has allowed for some surprising features to be included.

"To be completely honest, I think that the players are going to be very, very shocked when we reveal our stuff," he said.

"I don't think they're going to expect this out of Treyarch, because we just haven't had the time or resources to do something like this. If you look at the size of any other studio that works on two-year development cycle on a first-person shooter, and compare that to Treyarch, we are a Goliath.

"No studio is 250 developers working on one game, that's just unheard of. This is a huge game."

Olin added that as well as a full multiplayer reveal on September 1, there will be "one more thing" to come, along with a co-op mode reveal before the game's release on November 9.

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DA_SHREDDER2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

As much as I dont like MW2, I believe a talented dev like Treyarch can pick up the pieces that IW left behind and actually make something good out of all this high school drama queen business that Activision has stirred up. WAW was phenomenal, it had AAA support after launch. The cod series has a chance of redeeming itself yet.

0mega42986d ago

they mean that it will be a balanced cod game.

and not just filled with bells and whistles

confident that this team at treyarch will support its title better than mw2 was

T9X692986d ago

I think Treyarch should be the only developer for the COD series and have one come out every other year at the most, none of this every year crap. I like Treyarch sooooo much better than IW, and I might end up getting this game just because its made by Treyarch and not a different developer.

0mega42986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

they quickly fixed the problems in world at war that they could.

yet i don't think this title will be as successful as MW2 just because they lost a lot of fans with all the frustrations of online and a relatively short campaign of mw2

DirtyLary2986d ago

Please please keep your word and remove the commando crap. no more laser swords and warp sprints.

dkgshiz2986d ago

Its funny how when you watch someone use the commando perk on another person they literally don't even move there feet...they just slide towards there enemy like its an ice skating rink. I seen someone get knifed one time by a player who was 50+feet away. It was so cheesy and cheap.

xYLeinen2986d ago

I really want to skip this buying this game, but I'm afraid it ain't gonna happen. I know for sure that all my friends are getting this so I only loose my leaving myself out.

Got so many mixed feeling judging from MW2. The prequel to MW2 was GREAT but I doubt they are going back to their roots.

kingjoker342986d ago

yea thats the problem, even though you dont want yourself to buy it, it doesnt help when 95% of your friends list is playing it.
SO you pretty much have to buy it just to keep up with the times

TrevorPhillips2986d ago

EFF me dead too many good freaking games coming out, I must be dreamind someone wake me up pleasee.

Black Ops FTW

jagstatboy2986d ago

what the heck? It's impossible to resist buying this game. As much as I try to avoid wanting it, I can't. Consider me day 1.

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The story is too old to be commented.