Raw DLC: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II preview

Raw DLC: We have some hands-on time with the newest Force Unleashed outing with a liberal dash of lamenting over what the prequel trilogy could have been.

"LucasArts were very keen to both acknowledge this discrepancy and hint at possible revelations in the story arc of The Force Unleashed II, as Starkiller is told he is a clone from The Dark Lord of the Sith himself: Darth Vader. For those unaware, Darth Vader has a bit of a history of telling rather large porky pies to the impressionable Starkiller, so the plot thickens early on. The LucasArts devs pointed out that the theme of the first game was redemption, while the theme of the second game is identity."

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ko-zee-ii3074d ago

"Yoda. That’s right, the little green guy who kicks all kinds of Sith arse"...classic Nachos!