Infamous 2: Video Shows Impressive Special Effects and Cole in Rage

Watch the new video of Infamous 2 from Gamescom. It shows impressive special effects and Cole in rage.

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mushroomwig2985d ago

Those creatures look very disturbing, I can't wait to find out the story about where they came from..

Chucky20032985d ago

how many times the same videos will be posted,i'm already tired of them

raztad2985d ago

it is the same site posting them twice but with different titles.

AntoineDcoolette2985d ago

Well I didn't see these videos yet so this article was helpful for me. Go take a chill pill and think of those who might of not caught them the first time 'round.

THC CELL2985d ago

Wow makes me think what the hell is uncharted 3 going to look like

Infamous 2 looks epic.

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The story is too old to be commented.