Respawn Now Hiring For Unannounced Game

NowGamer reports that Respawn Entertainment is now hiring externally for an 'exciting' project for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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xYLeinen3034d ago

I'm curious to hear their decision about what engine they are gonna use.

skyward3034d ago

The DICE/Unreal engines would be interesting, but really I don't think they'd be under any pressure to stop modifying idTech 4. Actually, scratch that, I want them to use idTech 5!

DeforMAKulizer3034d ago

idTech 5 is exclusive to id and Bethesda and Zenimax...

East_Coast3034d ago ShowReplies(2)
Apotheosize3034d ago

Another shooter I'm guessing?

Chuk_Chuk3034d ago

Well when they were still in IW they didn't want to make another CoD game. So its possible they are going with a new genre

jashmister3034d ago

good, at least the good parts of infinity ward are doing something. I haven't heard anything about Respawn actually doing something till now. hopefully they don't make another unbalanced mess tho.

HungPHAT3034d ago

Inifity ward is NOTHING without these 2 guys PERIOD , I don't give a crap what Bobby Kotic says "prick"

God_Of_Epicness3034d ago

Activision CEO, Sir Bobby Kot...



3034d ago
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