PS Move demo’s coming to PSN

SCEE’s Nick Robinson has just confirmed in a live chat with the PlayStation community that the PS Move demo’s included in the Starter Pack will also be released via the PlayStation Store.

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Quagmire3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Darn, makes the demo disc in PSMove bundle seem redundant then, they shouldve bundled wand and eye toy with a game instead like The Fight, or the Big Gun 3 shooting game, or Sorcery.

Cloudberry3035d ago

The demo disc still could be used to those who didn't have an Internet connection yet.

stevenhiggster3034d ago

I do agree with you Cloud, but seriously, who hasn't got the internet these days except the Amish and some 3rd world places?

iamnsuperman3034d ago

@ stevenhiddster people may have the internet but not nessearly fast internet.10% of the UK still use dial up (2009 figure)and most people have around 10mb in the UK. Only major cities can get the disc is very useful and I have the internet and I would rather pop in a disc that wait for the demo for ages to download

stevenhiggster3032d ago

I'm one of those people you speak of, I'm in the UK and I currently only get 5mb, and thats through LLU ADSL2+! The internet in the UK is total crap unless you live in one of the major cities.
But it still doesn't take me that long to download a 1-2gb demo.

NothingToGainButLove3035d ago

I guess it does promote newer Move-enabled games to Move owners...
I support.

N2G3035d ago

that is awesome i was worried about MOVE demo's because i'm only buying the MOVE controller as i already have the eye camera.

DA_SHREDDER3035d ago

well duh, there are already 3-D ones. Everyone always acts like they forget whats up.

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