GamesCom Gran Turismo 5 Breakout Session: Full Details

GTPlanet owner writes:
At 9am on August 18th, Andreas Nie, Venari and myself (representing InsideSimRacing and GTPlanet) along with other members of the American press were ushered in to the first breakout session of GT5. Penrose Tackie and Alex Armour (Sony) were on hand and passed on the first vital piece of information – all material and information from this session was under a strict press embargo until 9am GMT on Thursday 19th August. So we had to keep all this to ourselves… The floor was then given over to Kazunori Yamauchi and Translator-san.

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cobraagent2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I am gonna spend so many hours completing the carreer mode twice(A-Spec and B-Spec), trying to beat the Stig lap times and creating my own tracks.
I forgot to mention there will be more than 70 tracks but only premium cars will have cockpits
Special thanks to GTPlanet for this one

cobraagent2984d ago

check this:
So much content in just one disc

Cloudberry2984d ago

So that's the official Course Marker images?


Crazyglues2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

This game is going to be so Awesome.. wow can't wait...

It looks so good, detail on the cars are insane... wow, I'm really excited now -I need to get a steering wheel, because I can see now, that I'm going to be spending a lot of hours with GT5..

Hands down, this is going to be 2010's GOTY.. (game of the year)


Antan2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Amazing! Still suprises for TGS ;).

People can now stop going on about ALL cars having interior/cockpit views. Premiums only. You were told this months ago but you all dug your heels in. Wonder if i`ll get any apologies from the peeps calling me a "troll" at the time? hehe.

The amount of content available day 1 should be more than enough to forgive the odd ommision. And odd ommision it is!

Roll on November!

poindat2984d ago

It's not an odd omission at all, really. Let's face it, a team of only around 140 people tasked with building an entirely new game from the ground up just aren't going to have the time to model cockpits for 1000+ cars. It's not feasible and never was feasible. People on both sides of the fences were acting stupid about it, and in the end it's not too big of a deal. I'll take my 200 cockpits thank you very much and let the other cars speak for themselves with the amazing EXTERIORS. :D

Anyways, I can see cockpits for every car happening in GT6. With most of the major work out of the way, it should be more of an expansion job in the same way that GT4 was to GT3.

Antan2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

You misunderstand my wording. I don`t mean odd as in "its odd why they haven`t done blah blah" etc etc. I mean it in the, "the odd thing here and there" etc etc.

Orion2984d ago

I might be wrong, but I think premium cars are extensively detailed in the interior view (see some images around the web of a NASCAR with loose wires inside after a crash), whereas "normal" ones will only get "standard cockpit view" with few or none detail...

Even if I don't get a cockpit view in the "normal" cars, I'm still awaiting this game!!

PirateThom2984d ago

"As we were the first session and had a slight overrun, Kazunori couldn’t take many questions. However, he was able to confirm that the number of unique courses available in the game is “more than 70″ – with the added scope of online Course Maker circuits – and that despite their best efforts to respond to criticism about standard car interiors, they were not able to implement cockpit camera (even one similar to GTPSP’s) in GT5 – a source of some disappointment to Kazunori, who is never happy to let down his fans and is probably his own biggest critic."

Gran Touring2984d ago

I'm sure people will be more than happy with the selection of premium cars available. Keep in mind a lot of older model cars were upgraded to premium too. Unless you're really so content on driving a '99 Mazda Demio with cockpit view, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Orion2983d ago

Thank you PirateThom, didn't read that!

GMWPS32984d ago

and that turned out to be the best yet. Bumper view will suffice for the 800 cars or so. The other 200 (still quite large) will be amazing to behold in the interior. For all the stuff they've put in the game is an A++ from me. It is extremely, amazing, fabulous value for only $60!!! It feels criminal!

cobraagent2983d ago

All that content is overwhelming

bligmerk2984d ago

Having a Logitech wheel and Fanatec stand, I find the cockpit view distracting. There is a real wheel in front of the wheel on the screen. When switched to the bumper view, it almost feels like driving a real car plus the view is less restricted. The cockpit view is nice for eye candy and maybe fits better with a controller.

horris362984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

U got to be kidding me all cars wont have cockpit view

cobraagent2983d ago

It is not like you are gonna get more than 100 cars to begin with