Just Cause new trailer

Great surrounding, speedboats, only the girls are missing!

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Scrooge5394d ago

I sure thought it was exclusive too but then I saw the logos for all the other platforms at the end of the trailer. Are we sure it's a 360 exclusive? It was a great looking trailer.

shotty5394d ago

Its for xbox, ps2 and xbox 360. So it's a next gen exclusive to the xbox 360. So no PS3 or Wii

TheMART5394d ago

It's getting boring 'haha' voting lame while it's cool, ain't it?

Username Date
haha 06 Aug 2006 10:35

mikeeno75394d ago

Personally, i don't see why people care about the cool/lame voting. If you think it is good/bad then that should be enough!

TheMART5394d ago

Ofcourse it's for yourself. But it's just lame to see if someone doesn't have it's own opinion on an article, but just votes on seeing 360 or PS3 I guess

XENOCIDE5393d ago

Now that's next gen. Beautiful.

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The story is too old to be commented.