Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - New Autolog Trailer with HD-Gameplay Footage

After the live-demo and the gamescom trailer Electronic Arts published another trailer showing the brand-new Autolog feature.

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DSco43007d ago

Finally, my favorite NFS Title is back. Well, in a few months ^^

news0r3007d ago

i hope it will be as good as the old hot pursuit

DSco43007d ago

I think it will be even better. Compared to modern games, the old one was pretty limited.

mjsmufc993007d ago

You can't go wrong with Criterion

Square3007d ago

That's a fact! I love the Burnout series and I hope Hot Pursuit will be a lot like Revenge!

DSco43007d ago

That may be true, I just hope that they had enough time to polish.

matey3007d ago

Wii version for me i think with no ps2 version wii version can use its power ect i mean cube version of HP2 is awesome so thats why im going for wii ill even buy Ferrari the race on wii not my best games to get but they will sit next to Goldeneye007,Black ops,Metroid other M,Epic Micky them games will be Awesome

DSco43007d ago

I don't think that this game will be as stunning on Wii as on PS3, 360 and PC

Shmai_the_Cat3007d ago

I nevertheless expect Criterion to create something neat for Wii. I want to watch how this version's going to look like.

Square3007d ago

Wii? A GOOD racer on Wii? I don't think that's EVER gonna happen...

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