Europe will definitely receive a LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector Edition, pre-order incentives included

Gamerzines writes:

Whilst those within North America have received news of a LittleBigPlanet 2 and pre-ordered to their hearts content, those within Europe have currently been left in the dark as to whether we’ll be able to receive the same.

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TheMART2980d ago

For f*cs sake at last a word on this. I already started thinking about importing from USA because there was no word on a special edition for Europe.

Still, this:

"As for the delay in regards to the reveal of its contents, Pavey explained that the details are currently being finalised as differing countries are more than likely to see a variance in terms of content."

Can be positive or negative. In case of for example GOWIII limited edition, the EU version had the soundtracks on CD from GOWI, II and III included on 3 separate CD's, but on the other hand the USA version had a hard cover art book while the EU version had it more like a brochure.

I would like the same content as USA please, the book stops and the sackboy, but I have no problems with extra stuff added :-)

I'll pre order the first second... LBP is why I bought my PS3, gimme gimme gimme

Yi-Long2980d ago

... us European gamers are probably gonna have to pay more for less.

I really hope we get the same CE as the Americans get (or better), but personally, I doubt it. Wouldn't surprise me if it's just the DLC and maybe a keychain or something.

0mega42980d ago

is bound to be a blockbuster hit worldwide

Nate-Dog2980d ago

Bang on mate. I've been getting pretty worried over whether we were actually going to get a Collector's Edition for a while, I mean it's been nearly a month since the US CE announcement, right? I hope it's the same as the US version too like yourself, it's just too good to pass up.

Acquiescence2980d ago

I just hope the price doesn't deviate too much from $80.00. Inevitably we'll have to pay more, but I hope not much more.

2980d ago
Acquiescence2980d ago

I've had my eye on that CE ever since it was unveiled. I was starting to get worried that only the yanks would be entitled to it.