Bioshock: Infinite will 'blow gamers' minds'

Irrational Games are aiming to "blow gamers' minds" with Bioshock: Infinite, according to a recent call for staff on the studio's website.

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Quagmire3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I dont see how my blowing my mind will result in me existing, let alone gaming :P

However, I'm glad they went with a different approach for the third game. First two were epic, but going underwater one more time wouldve been, oh how do the kids these days call it; "milking-dat-cow"

Reaction to Bioshock Infinite:

chak_3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

PR talk

OVER UBER CLASSY GAME should they add

anyway, I enjoyed bioshock and I like this setting, so why not :)

JohnApocalypse3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Oh I bet it will ^_^