5 Ways Xbox Live has changed gaming as we know it. - I have been an Xbox Live gamer since day one. Now you can laugh at me at for paying 50 bucks a year for something that has been free on other systems, but it sure as hell has been worth it. From all the friends I have made, to the countless hours of doing clan matches, I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything. But that left me thinking. While Xbox Live has changed the way I play and enjoy my games, how has it changed gaming as a whole?

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8800gtx2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Paying to go online.. who ever heard of such a rediculous thing... oh wait.


dizzleK2983d ago

Maybe so but at least you can enjoy your 360 games without being online or tracking down a cracked copy.

aceofspades2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

forkin the monkeys banannas for a swipe at the mangos
(charging 4 online)

Akagi2982d ago

Aren't you paying your ISP to "go online"?

bviperz2982d ago

Well with MS, you pay your ISP AND MS to play online, how cool is that?! /s

pippoppow2982d ago

We all pay an ISP. We do not all pay a multiplayer tax. Big differnce.

pain777pas2982d ago

Achievements is the only real innovation. Matchmaking hardly works and the rest..... DLC a good thing? I like seeing what games I've played how I've progressed and what I've done. It's kinda cool. Would I play games without achievements? I do almost everyday so....... whatever!

Elven62982d ago

The TrueSkill framework is pretty amazing in terms of how it works and the outcome it brings for the end user (finding more enjoyable multiplayer games).

coolbeans2982d ago

Ummm....did you think this one through? It does cost money for you to use the internet in your home.

Meowhammad2982d ago

"Paying to go online"

"Borrowing" internet, eh?

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Agent-862983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

5. Competitive Gaming: Done first, ages ago, on the PC. Ladders and tournaments galore.
4. Achievements: OK, I'll give you that one, but doesn't concern me much since I play games to have fun and not "whore" achievements.
3. Friends List: Guess, he hasn't heard of X-fire or other similar PC apps.
2. Matchmaking: I'll take dedicated servers over laggy matchmaking any day.
1. Downloadable Content: Again, done first on the PC. Mods and maps have been done well before the first Xbox was even created. Oh, and by the way, they were all free.

So, how exactly has Xbox Live "changed gaming as we know it". A better title would have been "5 Ways Xbox Live Has Changed Console Gaming". Then, I would have cut the author some slack and he would have a much better argument.

Substance1012983d ago

Xbox live if anything has only changed Console gaming. Which as it is, is always playing catch up to the PC.

hennessey862983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

console gaming caught up with and took over pc along time ago. when you can play games like halo reach, killzone2 and 3, gears 3, uncharted 1 and 2, gt5, forza 3, lbp1 and 2,and what have you got starcraft2 wich i have no interest in playing because i hate rts games face it consoles are the best way to play games. Pc is for looking at porn end off

ps even crysis 2 is coming to consoles

Substance1012983d ago

Console exclusives can only played on console just like PC exclusive can only be played on PC. There is no harm done in owning 1 or more platforms.

"and what have you got starcraft2?"

You should check out the PC release schedule if thats all you think the PC does have.

Crysis 2 on console will be 720 running in sub 30fps it wont be the same experience as it will be on PC. Same goes for any multiplat game. 90% of games being released are multiplat and superior on PC.

hennessey862982d ago

see thats the problem with pc gamers they think because there overpriced pc can run a multiplat game at slightly higher resolution than a console we should all be really jealous well im not its the same for console fangirls who argue over multiplats. It doesnt matter because your gatting the same game

Substance1012982d ago

"because there overpriced pc"

Wrong again. 95% of the people on this forum already have PCs. To beat a console in term of games performance will only cost you 100usd gpu on top of your current PC(which if is any thing like 2-3years old will do fine).

Slightly higher resolution.. i dunno about you. but 2x the amount of pixels on screen, much higher AA and 60fps instead of 30 is alot of difference to me and the game being cheaper then the console version to boot. If anything Its consoles that are more costly then the PC. Dont let the initial 300usd price tag fool ya.

KingKiff2982d ago

I agree with Substance101

Hennessey86, I don't think you understand PC gaming enough to give an informed comment on it.

Consoles never took over PC gaming and a PC capable of beating a console in terms of performance is very cheap as consoles are majorly outdated when compared to to even a 2-3 year old PC.

Like Substance said, a $100 GPU on most any desktop and your in the game with way higher settings than any console. Plus M/KB advantage is a huge draw card, not to mention mods, free downloads, user content, very little sub fees for anything other than MMO's.

PCs gaming pros far outweigh any pros of console gaming these days.

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Hades13372982d ago

It kick-started online gaming on consoles, and is definitely a USP for the 360.

ZombieAutopsy2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Title should be "5 Ways Xbox Live has changed CONSOLE gaming as we know it."

If they made XBL free it would be the undisputed champion of online gaming networks, but its not so steam takes the cake because this cake is not a lie.

EDIT: Didn't notice Agent-86 already said it.

Agent-862982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

@Zombie Autopsy, no prob. It was at the end of my post and easy to miss. Probably could use repeating, though, since the author and his title somehow completely forgot the innovations that PC gaming has brought us.

Al Bundy2982d ago

The only thing Xbox Live changed was playing online for free.

ZombieAutopsy2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

All hail Al Bundy the greatest man in the history of men

Ontopic so i don't get flagged: Yea it's true I guess i could see why they did it back in the OG xbox days when it completely showed up online gaming on ps2 or gamecube(i think only a few games were online for GC) but now it just seems like they are screwing us when you look at how PSN/Wii/PC online gaming is all free and basically identical, i mean a facebook app and twitter app don't exactly make a gold membership worth it considering they are both free on everything else in the world.

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