Sports on Kinect - can Ubisoft outperform Rare?

Ubisoft versus Rare in the Kinect sporting stakes. Msxbox-World takes a closer look at both sport games.

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Wizziokid2984d ago

we will have to wait until they are both released but Kinect spots seems to be for the younger sports fans and Motion Sports for the slightly older.

On a plus note it looks like Rare have downed the lag on some of the spots games since E3 which is a plus.

MaggieA2984d ago

well that's a good start. The game's don't look graphically intensive but I guess Kinect takes up some of the processing.

Bigpappy2983d ago

They are quite different which is great for Kinect owners. We can just move from 1 to the next. UBI is big on the motion front. They seem to be the ones taking the lead as 3rd part developers for Kinect. Harmionix out did themselves with Dance Central, and Sega is doing a great job with free rider. UBI thought is owning Kinect, with fitness, sports-minis, and the great looking fighting game they recently announced. Looks like my kids andi will be having a blast. Loooks like Halo will be my after hours gaming fix.