First Costume Quest trailer packed full of whimsy

Check out the first Costume Quest trailer, it's whimsical to boot. Made by the folks at Double Fine.

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Quagmire3850d ago

Any chance of a Brutal Legend sequel?

Forbidden_Darkness3850d ago

With its lack luster sales, i doubt it. Maybe a downloadable BL game though>?

AntoineDcoolette3849d ago

Well that looks interesting and a nice departure from all of these straight up serious gun totting and super hero games.

dkgshiz3849d ago

You can tell his games are going to be downloadable only type games from now on. After two flops in a row publishers will probably reconsider publishing his games unless they have a small budget. Brutal legend was so hyped up it was unbelievable. Remember Jack Black praising it like it was the 2nd coming? Then it bombed.

hatchimatchi3849d ago

this looks freaking awesome!

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