Halo Reach: Firefight 2.0 Gameplay Video on Map ‘Corvette’ Revealed

As Gamescom continues, so does Bungie’s steady release of new Halo Reach updates. Today, Bungie has shared a 5 minute Firefight 2.0 video with us. However, this gameplay takes place on a newly revealed map entitled ‘Corvette.’

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vickers5003035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Even though I'm not that big a fan of Halo, that actually looks pretty damn fun. Though I won't be spending 100 bucks just to play this (game+xbl 12month subscription).

cyber_crysis3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

I really like the prospect of this game. Seems like bungie is trying to make this the definitive halo game not just for online audiences ( grey zone 2 or crysis 2), but for the offline group as well.

As an offline player I appreciate levels that are more expansive and multi-pathed, as these extend the life of the campaign, allowing for experimentation with different weapon and vehicle combinations due replays of a single level.

3034d ago
IQUITN4G3034d ago

Wierd disagree you just got yourself.I'm guessing it's because whoever it was doesn't like that you enjoy expansive levels

What a knob

Neko_Mega3034d ago

Bungie doesn't stop making awesome Halo games, I need a 360 so bad to play this.

JAMurida3034d ago

I wont lie, seeing this might actually make me want to buy a 360 again, looks really fun.

Neko_Mega3034d ago

Halo is the main reason I want a 360, I think its one of the only FPS games that has a replay value that is hard to beat.

Plus the games are pretty simple so anyone can play and the game can be funny sometimes to.

JAMurida3034d ago

Yeah, I had some amazing times with Halo 2 online and met a lot of people, many of which I still talk to even to this day. If I got a 360 back, I would check out Reach. My other reasons would be for PSU (Phantasy Star Universe) and FFXI, but that would only be if FFXIV didn't work out for me.

JohnApocalypse3034d ago

This is what I'm most excited about Reach

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