Deja Vu

It was 1985, not too long after the dreadful Videogame Crash. No business in their right mind would attempt such a risky, crazy, ultimately doomed to fail endeavor that was the videogame fad...

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Shoko4609d ago (Edited 4609d ago )

People don't give Nintendo the props they deserve. They've saved AND taken gaming to the next level multiple times. Any REAL gamer would respect Nintendo, whether they like them or not. They've proven the nay-sayers wrong time and time again.

Gr814609d ago (Edited 4609d ago )

Are a gamer lol. I agree, its one of those things, hate em or love em, Nintendo has always deserved respect.

eagle214607d ago

I agree 100% too, Nintendo will always have my respect. :)

smash-brother-104607d ago

Im also with Nintendo every step of the way

scar204607d ago

Your right and they have one of the best games ever Tatsunoko vs.Capcom

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saint_seya4607d ago

u sold your bubles on e-bay?

theKiller4607d ago (Edited 4607d ago )

u could say something like that :)

n4g mods just hate all my political comment which is not pro western propaganda!!

when ever they see it then spam me then take bubbles!! i can feel the hate inside them, because others made political comments yet nothing happened to them!!

NBT914607d ago

Agreed Nintendo are legendary, there's a reason why the WII is leading in sales.
Mass appeal, gamers and non gamers like Nintendo :P

ChickeyCantor4607d ago

I believe you have no clue what "casual" means.

Google is your friend.