Ironstar: Top Gun PS3 Video Review

In-depth video(HD)/written review of Top Gun for the PlayStation 3.

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DA_SHREDDER2984d ago

Surely its better than that God awful H.A.W.X 2 demo. Yuck.

Johnny_Bravo2984d ago

This game is going to flop...HARD.

blind-reaper2984d ago

No Tom Cruise = FLOP (lol)

Motorola2984d ago

I never heard of this game. and I dont care but saying its going to flop hard? DONT FEED THE XBOX TROLL MOVE ALONG.

peeps2984d ago

wasn't at all interested in this game till this review lol looks like it could be good fun if i'm bored one day

N2G2984d ago

the only game i'm looking forward to in the combat flight genre is ACE COMBAT 7 PS3.

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