Military Personnel Comment on Being the Taliban in MOH

A feature piece detailing the answers from several members of the U.S. Armed Services about their feelings being the Taliban (and other things) in the upcoming Medal of Honor.

It's a long read, but there are a lot of excellent opinions and outlooks on the issue, and the answers are presented in their entirety.

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captain-obvious2982d ago

i liked this one
my most favorite part was this

"When I'm playing a game, I don't sit there and consciously tell myself: "OH YEAH! I'ma Gonna kill me some 'Merican Citizens for Allah!""

sooo true

UnSelf2982d ago

wow amazing article.

really really amazing, N4g Top 10 best for sure

ssdninja2982d ago

Wow, thanks for that compliment. Best words I've ever heard so far. I appreciate it.

2982d ago
UnSelf2982d ago

no prob, quality work man. keep it up please

East_Coast2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

"When I'm playing a game, I don't sit there and consciously tell myself: "OH YEAH! I'ma Gonna kill me some 'Merican Citizens for Allah!""

You don't??? So, wait, am I doing it wrong?

wsoutlaw872982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Ya no one plays a game with their friends and is like ya i just murdered my friend. they just respawn and do it to you. its a game and its about winning not killing

and to be honest i thought it was just going to be opinions from only soldiers who were completely against it like you would see from fox news. They did real interviews with down to earth soldiers. good article.

DelbertGrady2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Are you telling me I won't get an achievement for killing my friends? I was thinking about doing the "Et tu brute" from BF BC 2 IRL.

@Anime-Vixen - The world isn't black and white. There are good soldiers and there are bad. But most of all there are good and bad orders. Soldiers are trained to obey orders without hesitating and when the people who give those orders are mentally ill you get sh*t like Abu Ghraib. Courtesy of Donald Rumsfeld.

Also, no matter how much you train to see people as enemies and not as humans, it's never normal for us to kill. If you watch the infamous leaked clip called Collateral Murder you'll see American helicopter pilots gunning down civilians and acting as if they were in a video game. I think you need to escape reality to cope with being in a war for a longer time, and to be able to take lives. It's no surprise that so many American soldiers have died from suicide once they get back home and reality kicks in.

It's a shame those rich politicians don't spend as much resources on supporting the poor soldiers after they've finished their dutys.

Anime-Vixen2982d ago

♥ I regret writing negative comments about soliders in a previous article like this! I like soliders like this. They carefree and nice. I wished they included pics of the soliders. I wonder how they look ♥

ssdninja2982d ago

No offense taken. Some of the people interviewed here I know very well, they're good folks. They keep the brainwashing out and the individuality in. I respect that.

vickers5002982d ago

You didn't put enough hearts in your comment.

East_Coast2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

You need a boyfriend....I think Soda Popinski is single...wait no, I know he's single. Should I ask him to ask you for your digits?

Studio-YaMi2982d ago

so hard xD

bubbles to you mister !

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Rubang2982d ago

Going into this I didn't expect them to end up talking about everything from Rapelay to Rambo to Robocop. Wow. Love when the one guy calls these games war profiteering too.

neonlight452982d ago

Fox news guys should read that article

headhunter2982d ago

first fox news has to learn to read

as an retired officer who served in Desert Shield and to this day collect and play video games of all types I believe this is just a game and with the logic and common sense it's obvious and for me I look at it as they are a bunch of pixels

but on the other hand I do agree with the comment of war profiteering

and in all honesty as long as there are video games movies books anything that someone might feel offended by it will be brought into the spotlight and that is that persons right and freedom and that is the one thing everyone needs to remember is why every soldier signs up to protect

ssdninja2982d ago

Hey headhunter, I wish I would have snagged you for the article!

I agree people can be offended by anything, but what's great about places like this is when we can incorporate that discussion into a hobby we all enjoy. Definitely glad to see a troll-free thread about the issue.

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