Is This The World's First PS3 Mod-chip?

Ironstar: The mind of famous Geohotz couldn't hack the PS3. It's amazing that no one has ever successfully modded the PS3, however some renegade gamers continue to try.


Original story has been updated with another video of the user transferring PS3 games from an external source to his hard drive.

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saint_john_paul_ii2983d ago

and continue to retire after they fail...

Persistantthug2983d ago

I live in the Bay Area, so if any area's gonna have them it would be this one.

Until then, I say BS.

0mega42983d ago

even when they post successful ways its always on an older rarer phat ps3
and usually using one with lliunx

so even if there is a hack it wont be as easy and mainstream as xbox pirated community has grown to

TotalPS3Fanboy2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Because of this:

"Easy to use installer and GUI takes you step by step."

If you have tried hacking your PSP or any other devices, you usually have to read a lot of tutorials. There's never an easy app with a great GUI to take you through the steps.

Immortal Kaim2982d ago

Confirmed and real guys, terrible news for Sony. Damn pirates.

Theonik2982d ago

It's real and works with all PS3s guys.

TotalPS3Fanboy2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Another hacker claimed that it's real.

Still, probably should not to hand over your money just yet. Needs more confirmations. Others are claiming that it's only a debug PS3 unit, and that you'll need a debug unit for this to work.

"It is a debug console, look at 44 seconds and you can see the option to 'Install Package Files' which is only present on dev and debug consoles"

zeeshan2982d ago

It looks like this dongle makes PS3 runs in debug mode. How hard is it for SONY to simply disable this with a simple patch? I am guessing, not too hard! :)

TotalPS3Fanboy2982d ago

that you can hear the disk eject when the camera moves in on the TV.

Probably a scam.

Red_Orange_Juice2982d ago

I think it works, I only hope for... the BANHAMMER ! :)

Theonik2982d ago

@Disagrees. I'm being serious. It definitely works. The company that's selling them is a well known modchip company that has made boatloads in the past. i doubt they'd just make a fake. The device can transfer any PS3 into a dev kit.

theKiller2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

when that happens i will buy ps3 as soon as i can!

but i must say sony did a great job to prevent ps3 from being hacked!! i think they learned from psp mistakes!!

the last CFW for psp was 5.5c i think!! so it means the hackers couldnt hack the new psp games!!! so it means sony figured out their mistakes and corrected it!!

the bad news is i cant play the news games!! and i wont fork out a penny for any game for any console or device!! i spent enough in my childhood!!

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nycredude2983d ago

Why is forza 2 there? Does this chip enable the hidden 360 emulator within the Ps3?

It only does everything.. including play 360 games?!

BiggCMan2983d ago

or he has an xbox 360 somewhere else in the room, and likes forza....

dragonelite2983d ago

they are a big modchip supplier so yeah the 360 they should have a lot them around there.

Chris3992982d ago

The executable is still encrypted (meaning you can copy but not PLAY the backed up game).

They [hackers] just got ahold of some sdk tools and made some bullshit "PS3 hack". Pretty sure that the unit they are using is a debugging unit too.

PS3 won't be hacked for years to come, if ever.

Read the source article here:

catguykyou2982d ago

He responds with further proof. Also shows him playing backed up copy of game.

meetajhu2982d ago

Sony is gonna remove USB slot!

Scotland-The-Brave2982d ago

How can they do that?
come into your house and yank it out with a pliers?

GodsHand2982d ago

Firmware update to disable the USB ports.

I can see them doing it, but won't becuase then they would really have something to worry about when people can not charge their controller.

More then likely if this is real, they will release a FW update to black list this device.

radzy2982d ago

here is there latest clip :

it looks real to me , the wait is over PS3 IS HACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

CimmerianDrake2982d ago

First of all, old debug PS3. Second, why didn't he actually PLAY InFamous, for all we know that little file could be a trailer video for InFamous of gameplay or something. Fake and/or gay.

vhero2982d ago

I love how nearly all the ones on here who are saying its gonna get hacked are 360 fanboys.. Whats they tell you?

Ashriel2982d ago

uh they didn't fail, the jailbreak is real :D

CimmerianDrake2982d ago

Show me someone playing a pirated game. And I mean PLAYING the game, not showing an opening sequence of a game.

CimmerianDrake2982d ago

Look at the disagrees. I guess 6 of you don't require proof and are gullible enough to believe this at face value then eh?

catguykyou2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

There are new videos that show it in action. This is looking more and more legit. All from a usb thumb drive. I wonder if Sony will disable to use of external drives because of this.

Because its done through software, I would imagine that like the PSP, any firmware update Sony launches to counter this would get a workaround shortly after.

TROLL EATER2982d ago

i do like the idea of homebrew apps.

EvilBlackCat2982d ago

LOOK he have a Forza 2 copy and a 360 control on the table... OMG its the xbots trying to steal the PS3 thunder!!! OMG its a conspiracy!!!


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2983d ago
Treezy5042983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Why are people so obsessed with hacking the PS3?

JUST LEAVE IT ALONE LEAVE IT ALONE!!! *Whiney Chris Crocker Voice*

blumatt2983d ago

Yeah, I think the reason why people want to so badly is because it IS so difficult. Personally, I don't think it's gonna happen for probably another 5 years, if ever.

yewles12983d ago

I disagree, I honestly believe it's for more "biased" motives.

DaBadGuy2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Nothing is unhackable. If people can hack e-mails from the white house and hack the information of combat operations in Iraq and put them on Wikileaks, then yeah, you can hack a PS3. I'm not biased I'm just saying that bigger stuff than a PS3 has been hacked, so naturally a PS3 could be hacked too, and if not, then maybe Sony needs to call up the Secretary of Defence and get out of the console business and into the national security business.

TotalPS3Fanboy2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

The only things stopping hackers from hacking the PS3 is two things:

1. Time (it'll take years)
2. Lots of Money (to research and develop a mod-chip, and most hackers are not millionaire)

In other word, ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

PS: This video is most likely fake. PS3 have security in most of its component. You're going to have to replace/mod a lot of components (not just one) in order to hack it.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Because for Years it's been Unhackeable. PS3 have the longest time to be Unhackeable.

This Hacking obsession is bad. Why, because thanks to this, Sony had to remove the other OS Feature. Which is not Sony fault, is the Hacking and Hacking a Console leads to Piracy.

The Good thing, it's been profitable for the Company and Developers, because there is no Piracy.

Dsnyder2983d ago

Yeah your talking about MS computers ther BadGuy, which are the most hackable things in the universe. The Ps3 however is probably the most unhackable thing on the planet right now. Im pretty sure if the US didnt love MS somuch they would probably have better national secrity by making deals with Sony.


the obvious reason is that if someone creates a mod chip they will be able to sell it and make lots of cash

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turok2983d ago

u have no right to say that. go outside :D amd play football/soccer!