GameSpot: Victoria II Review

While it isn't revolutionary enough to win over those who have found Paradox's grand-strategy efforts too grueling in the past, Victoria II is a more accessible version of this demanding style of game. That said, this remains a challenging, intricate experience that won't be for everyone. It still hits you with a learning curve that initially looks like the north face of K2 to the newbie who has never played this sort of game before.

The revolt issue is also frustrating when it pops up, especially because it generally does so after you've invested a few decades into a campaign. Still, this is a leap forward from its predecessor, and it does show that Paradox has been listening to its critics and is tying to make its games as mainstream as possible without turning off the hardcore historical strategy fans that are the company's bread and butter.

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Psychotica2983d ago

Once they release a patch or two it will be much better.The tutorials are much better it still needs something that would guide a new player in a first game.