Australian Military groups outraged over Taliban war game

Australia has an estimated 1,550 troops stationed in Afghanistan and 18 have died in the conflict so far.

Neil James, executive director of the Australian Defence Association, said: “We think it's in very bad taste . . . Australia is at war - not just the defence force - and every citizen has an obligation to not only support the Defence Force but to be sensitive particularly to bereaved families.

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RayRay363078d ago

Twisted Metal in the 80's?

jaredhart3078d ago

Lord Humungus. Now they should get him to fight the Taliban.

RayRay363078d ago

Theres also a game where you can blow JFK's head off, why dont we see articles about that everyday? Instead, we having people bitching about a video game based off a non existant war. "They're protecting our freedom!!". lol...

Quagmire3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

I'm surprised we live in a world where people cannot seem to find the differences between going into war, and playing a video game.

We shoot aliens in games like Resistance and Halo, does that mean its insensitive to Aliens? And dont gimme shit bout them not existing, do you have solid proof?

chak_3077d ago

I can understand war vets not being ok with a game showing them dying in a war that is actually going on.

Not that I agree or disagree with them, but war is a trauma for many, if not all.

They have/had friends dying there, and do not forget RIGHT NOW there are us/australian/french/italian (...) people in afghanistan and they DO live what we play and have fun with.

I understand they don't want kids/people to play what is their life

skip2mylou3077d ago

o please australia army are douches anyways same with canadas army u only sent 1550 men and lost 18 dont act like u lost 10000 men