Halo 3 has pretty graphics for everyone's TV set -

Bungie have today revealed that not only will Halo 3 looks insanely awesome on a HDTV, but it will also look great on the older 4:3 tube TV's and others like it.

Good news for those who don't have the money to fork out on the new generation of HDTV's. Read on for all the info.....

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ImTheNumber125395d ago (Edited 5395d ago )

That's great news. Even though most game movies suck, I'm looking foward to the Halo one and of course, the final installment.

mikeeno75395d ago

I was reading through industry news when i noticed one of Paul Cerula's comments on the article about ' Microsofts Xboxmas'. Talking about 'common folk'. Be careful what you say Paul. I consider myself to be 'common' and yet i managed to afford a 360 at the UK launch with 3 games. Of course, you'd be soooo above the lower down people wouldn't you.

Marriot VP5395d ago

They've already implied this a long time ago I wonder if this is just an official notice or something.

MoonDust5395d ago

Common, this is not some cheaply made game. It will have the best of everything.

BIadestarX5395d ago

Why I'm not surprise that it will look good?
Some people are just ignorant to think that just because a console was designed with HD in mind it will look like a last generation console on a 4:3 tube TV. Next Gen like Xbox 360 can handle more polygons, load/display more elements on screen, have more detailed explosions, more realistic physics, etc. So, I would think two times before believing that you shouldn't buy a supporting HD console just because you don't have an HD-TV like some company out there is suggesting. There is more than Screen Resolution in these consoles.

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