Halo: Reach Interview: Joseph Tung

Shooter's executive producer discusses forge, customisable firefights, and new matchmaking options in Bungie's final Halo game.

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SixZeroFour3010d ago

nice...everything got matchmaking, meaning no more just relying on your friends to help you out on a mission, achievement or what have you

SOAD3009d ago

I don't like relying on strangers, either. It's a great feature for those who want it, though.

Also, I wonder if Bungie has to compromise the visuals of the game so that it can support 4 players at once online or in split screen. If they cut out 4 player co-op, could they make the game looks 4 times better?

lastdual3009d ago

I don't think the visuals would need to be compromised for online co-op (Gears 3 does the same with even more impressive graphics, although granted with far fewer AIs and vehicles on-screen at once). That's more a case of how good your netcode is.

It's split-screen that pushes the hardware, as then you're rendering everything twice. It's impressive that Reach looks as good as it does (with as much going on), given the continued split-screen support.

SOAD3009d ago

Right, so my question was if Bungie had to compromise visuals for split screen co-op?

If 4 people play split screen co-op on Reach, do the graphics automatically get downgraded?

If they don't, does this mean that Bungie could have made Reach look 4 times better if they took out split screen co-op?

DelbertGrady3009d ago

Visuals are almost always compromised for online play. Sometimes it's not so obvious at first, but you can usually spot it on certain textures being downsampled.

Thrillhouse3009d ago

SOAD, I'm pretty sure it's only 2 player split screen co-op, and 4 player split screen multiplayer.

SOAD3009d ago


I think 4 player split-screen co-op is an existing feature for Halo 3.

Thrillhouse3009d ago

Nah, it's 2 player splitscreen co-op in H3.

"Split-screen co-op is as ever, limited to two players per screen – but they can if they wish join two other friends online or via System Link."

From Bungie's H3 co-op announcement.

SixZeroFour3009d ago

theres a trick to make it 3 player split screen campaign, but other than that, its really 2 player split screen, with 4 players online coop

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Blaze9293009d ago

this is why Bungie are freaking multiplayer innovators. Halo: Reach will own all games this year. No doubt my game of the year if not THE game of the year period. haters gonna hate so commence the n4g hate V_V

telekineticmantis3009d ago

Yes firefight(horde mode) is a great innovation.

Convas3009d ago

Yes horde(survival mode from the arcade days) is a great innovation.

You see, I just lost a few brain cells stooping to your level. Think BEFORE you post.

Philaroni3009d ago

Umm yes it is wave mode but they take it to a hole new level. Halo has always been a game that leads the way in features. Just about every single online game draws from it.

telekineticmantis3009d ago

You see that was called an example.

XactGamer3009d ago

Bungie also brought us Matchmaking, forge, new mp game modes with open world vehicle gameplay never done before on console.

So telekeneticmantis take your jealous trolly self elsewhere.

telekineticmantis3009d ago

These things not being on consoles does not make them innovations I won't give bungie credit for being inspired by other devolopers and bringing it to consoles sorry. Plus far cry's map editor wasn on consoles before forge. so crytek beat them ti consoles with that, and vehicles are not innovated by bungie

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003009d ago

this makes me happy.

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