The Game That Best Used Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Justin Berube of Ripten:
"Many people out there criticize Nintendo’s online approach to gaming. For years I have heard people complaining about friend codes, lack of online options and more that plague Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. To this day it’s clear that there are several hoops that developers must jump through in order to get a decent game online and then there are also hoops that players need to jump through."

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CrzyFooL3009d ago

Almost makes me feel bad I never used Nintendo Wi-Fi. Almost. :-p

KingNintendoFanboy3009d ago

I probably have enough friend codes to fill a phone book.

jaredhart3009d ago

My girlfriend uses my Wii.

lolzers3009d ago

How old is your girlfriend, and what's her bra size? Just out of interest.

Nyaasu3009d ago


...Never played that Metroid

zelda283009d ago

Indeed. I had a blast with the wifi... Leaderboard was so nifty.

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The story is too old to be commented.