No 250GB 360 Kinect Bundle for Christmas

Microsoft UK boss Neil Thompson has confirmed the 4Gb Xbox 360 will be the "primary SKU" for Kinect at launch, with no plans in place to sell the motion-control device together with a 250Gb system at a discount.

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Yi-Long2986d ago

... and find out 4GB of HDD is practically nothing nowadays, and a couple of months later see a 250GB bundle on the shelves...

Also, you'd think MS would WANT it's customers to have enough HDD-storage, so they'd be more inclined to buy DLC, XBLA games, etc...

TheTeam062986d ago

Hard to believe you get quadruple the storage on a PSPGo than you do with that bundle.

Couldn't they cough up a little more?

yewles12986d ago

What's worse is that it's even less than the original XBOX at launch.

Genesis52986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Well their certainly going a different way than Sony that are offering a 320 gig bundle. I may be strange but I would rather spend the extra hundred and get 316 gig more storage.

Theonik2986d ago

Hey at least it's not as bad as the old arcade or the Wii! 512Mb ftl

Dance2986d ago

any usb flash drive should work as storage unit

Senden2985d ago

Lol and there was an article saying that some microshaft big wig thought core gamers would adopt kinect.. this alone proves otherwise. 4gb is all you need for the majority.. it's for under 10 year olds and house wives anyway... they probably won't even connect it to xbox live and even if they did, they wouldn't bother looking at XBLA games. They also won't have to worry about DLC.. going off by what we know of the quality of the games for it, microsoft will release DLC as a sequel and charge full price thinking these sheep will still pay for it.

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East_Coast2986d ago

lmao bubbles for yewles1

Shit just got real.

Zir02986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Seems wise not to confuse new consumers with to many SKUs at launch. No doubt it will come out some time next year.

As for HDD space add 2 usbs for 36GBs.

DuneBuggy2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Agreed. All MS has to do is throw a 16GB USB or two in the box down the road, and they can advertise a 20 or 36GB SKU.
A $400 250Gb bundle I dont think would be as enticing to their Kinect launch audience.
I do think they should have priced the standalone Kinect for a little less though. Or maybe a promotional price/rebate for existing 360 owners?

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Freshnikes2986d ago

4gb..will you be able to download demos and themes...4gb doesn't seem like it's enough...why would ms do this I do not get it....

gamingisnotacrime2986d ago

innocent parents will buy this bundle, and later will need more space so there is where the overpriced Hard drives come in
Jump In!

metsgaming2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

thats their plan. Then want people to look at the move bundle and 360 kinect bundle. The ppl will choose the cheaper. These ppl dont think that they will have to buy a hhd later thus making the price closer to the ps3 bundle. they cant think that far ahead and thats what m$ counts on

dizzleK2986d ago

I've worked at Gamestop and not once did a Wii buyer even inquire about, let alone complain about the storage size in the Wii. Why would only 4 gigs suddenly be an issue for them when the Wii only had 512mb and they didn't care?

2986d ago
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