Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2: Kiba vs Asuma Game Play Video

Gameplay footage from Gamescom features Asuma Sarutobi fighting Kiba Inuzuka.

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Optical_Matrix3035d ago

The finisher was nuts! Would have liked to see an Ougi though.

NoBias3035d ago

Those guys playing sucked really badly... After playing NUNS1 on PS3 for so long, I'm going to work so many 360 n00bs when it comes out haha.

(Getting this game for both systems!)

rdgneoz33035d ago

Wasn't really that nuts. It was basically button mashing and popping both helper guys. Hell, the one playing Asuma didn't do much that fight and the Kiba guy was just spamming Gatsuga most of the time. Would have been interesting if both players were a little more skilled.

As for the game, played the first one and loved it (was only lacking online and trophies). Hopefully they'll show better videos for it as it gets closer to release. Getting it when it comes out in Oct.

theonlylolking3035d ago

I want to see pain vs killer bee.

N4OGs3035d ago

i cant wait for this game.

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